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I'm posting this before the OSCARS so I don't know who's won. I always like to know if others' picks win or not. So...

Who were you rooting for?
Should someone else have been nominated? 
What's your favorite awards show?
Do you pay attention to reviews about movies or books?
Which star was the best dressed?
Which star was the worst dressed?

I really want to know!

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Angi Morgan writes “Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.” She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Angi has been a finalist in the Bookseller’s Best Award, Romantic Times Best First Series, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Daphne du Maurier.

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What Should I Write?

Coming March 1st!
It's list time again. ;) (aka Julie's on deadline + directing THE MOUSETRAP at my local community theater + teaching + promoting my upcoming release + reading my RITA books + digging out from a whole lot of snow!)  So I have an informal survey for you, and I'd love to hear some feedback from readers.

As I'm finishing up one manuscript and starting in on the last book of my Precinct: Task Force miniseries, I receive an email from my agent telling me I need to be thinking about my next proposal to my editor. I love coming up with new story ideas, especially when I'm slugging my way through a manuscript--but there's one problem...I never have a shortage of ideas for stories I want to write. But I can't just throw a hundred what if's at my editor.  How do I narrow them down and select the best ideas for me and my readers?

So, I'm enlisting your help.  Here are some of my ideas.  Which ones do you like?  Not like as much?  Please share your opinion on any or all.  Thanks!

I'll give a print or ecopy of TACTICAL ADVANTAGE to one lucky poster!

1.  A new Precinct miniseries.
Brotherhood of the Badge
 Maybe linked by a theme, like The Precinct: Cold Case
 Maybe linked by a family of cop brothers like the Taylor Clan or Kincaids?

2.  A miniseries featuring cowboys.
Maybe bring Sheriff Boone Harrison's 3 brothers to Kansas City?

3.  More stories featuring Marine Corps heroes?
Hope Lockhart in my September book, TASK FORCE BRIDE, has a brother in the Marines.

4. 2 or 3 stand-alone stories that feature supporting characters from, say, my Precinct: Task Force miniseries?
Some of my favorite titles, like BEAUTY & THE BADGE and NANNY 911, were spin-offs from previous miniseries

5.  Something completely different.
Accidental Bodyguard
Every now and then I get to write a story set in the mountains of Wyoming or Washington, DC or elsewhere. They're still romantic suspense, but may feature a government agent or military hero. No Kansas City cops.

June 2013
6. Something steamier?

7.  Do you have a particular character from one of my books whose story you'd like to see? If so, who?

8.  Do you have a favorite storyline you'd like to read more of? (Beauty & the Beast, reunion story, friends becoming lovers, amnesia, pregnant heroine, etc.)

9.  Do you have a storyline you're tired of reading?

10. Anything else?

I appreciate the feedback. It will help me fine-tune my proposal for upcoming books. And remember, the next book in my Precinct: Task Force miniseries, comes out March 1st. Or you can get it early at Harlequin.com. I'll pick the winner and post the name here tomorrow.

Julie Miller

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Month in Intrigue History...

A few weeks ago I picked up an old Intrigue favorite of mine, Stella Cameron's Some Die Telling and realized it came out exactly twenty-five years ago this month. This got me thinking about what else came out from Intrigue twenty or twenty-five years ago this month, and I discovered those were some great months, with some classic titles by great authors. Here's a look back:

Twenty-five years ago this month, in February 1988, actually brought two old favorites of mine. Stella Cameron's deliciously titled Some Die Telling sent an American woman to London where she met an enigmatic Englishman, and was soon caught up in a mystery involving old secrets...and present-day murder.

The job was waiting but her sister wasn't

Ellen Shaw arrived in London, England, to take her ideal job--managing an antiquarian bookshop--and met her ideal man. Strong and solid, warm and loving, Hugh Weston, the shop's owner, was a powerful man. But could she trust him?

Ellen's sister had disappeared, and the explanations for her absence didn't hold up. Hugh had his own theory. His grandmother was dead--murdered. Believing her sister was behind it, he had to suspect Ellen, too.

But as death began to stalk her through the streets of London and Ellen's concern slowly changed into terror, Hugh could not just stand by.

Meanwhile, Regan Forest told a very unique tale in A Walking Shadow, as the cartoonist heroine found adventure and romance in a Western ghost town. I also think it's cool to see a gray-haired hero, something you don't see everyday!

Terry's working vacation nearly scared her to death

The ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, was an eerie combination of decaying buildings and gloom-shrouded streets. Pleased to have found the perfect setting for her latest comic strip, Terry Morse set up shop in the town's infamous haunted house, where events took a ghastly turn.

Terry's handsome, mysterious landlord had a one-word explanation for the fearsome shrieks and unearthly chill: ghosts. But when Terry was shadowed by a sinister figure dressed in black, Mike Calhoun revealed that Terry had unwittingly invoked a menace far greater than any that lay beyond the grave.

Twenty years ago this month, February 1993, was also a great month for the line. Rebecca York's Hopscotch took readers on an adventure in England and Ireland, with a heroine who couldn't trust her own memories of what was real and what wasn't.

Who was Jason Zacharias?

That riddle was the key to Noel Emery's frightening predicament. Ever since she'd arrived in Britain, she'd been plunged into chaos, pursued by assassins. And her guardian angel was a seasoned veteran of murder...and a man who claimed to be her husband.

Had Noel once shared lovers' caresses with the dark, dangerous Jason Zacharias? Or was the straining sensuality between them just an illusion? The answer was locked in the best of all hiding places--her mind. A mind that now scrambled fantasy and memory.

Noel's only way out of the maelstrom was to trust her heart--and her life--to a man who pretended to be a protector but who looked every inch a predator.

M.J. Rodgers' To Die For introduced another of the author's strong, independent heroines. In this case a determined lady coroner went toe-to-toe with a tough police detective as they worked to solve a puzzling murder case involving a tangle of old secrets, in a mystery to truly keep readers guessing.

Even in death she was beautiful

Chief Detective Gabe Kincaid had known some gorgeous dames in his day, but the sight of Jennifer Madden's perfect dead body was breathtaking. After all, she was an ex-stripper turned society grand dame.

Eden Island's sensational murder case was sizzling, and one Gabe would crack. But he wasn't the only one who wanted in. The new deputy coroner, Jane Hardesty, was becoming a thorn in his side as she weaseled her way into his investigation.

Eden Island's closed society of beautiful people was turning into a hotbed of gossip and secrets. And when Jane became a target for death, Gabe had no choice but to keep her close--in more ways than one.

But the closer they got, so did their faceless murderer. One of Eden Island's beautiful people.

Three years after the original Fear Familiar, Caroline Burnes' stories about the crime-solving cat detective officially became a series with the release of the second Familiar mystery, Too Familiar:

They say cats have nine lives...

An ominous black cat crossed paths with Cassandra McBeth just as she discovered that her nightmares were tomorrow's headlines. A night stalker was about to bring terror to Gatlinburg, Tennessee...and to Cassandra. She alone knew what was to come, but not how to stop it. 

Only one lone man, a stranger, believed in her vision. Adam Raleigh was on her side, though the town was against them. 

But what was the psychic link between the woman of his dreams and the fiend of her nightmares? The electrifying answer came from Familiar...a mysterious black cat.

And finally Alice Harron Orr wrapped the month with a mystery set among the backdrop of a Cold Summer:

Nature had gone awry... 

When Caro Hardin returned to the isolated North country as she'd vowed she never would, the friend she'd come to rescue had vanished. All that remained was an uncannily cool July - and the object of a school-days crush on whom Caro hoped to rely. 

Under usual circumstances, Mike Schaeffer wanted nothing more than to reestablish romantic ties with Caro, but now a murderer was in their midst...and Caro could possibly provide the psychological profile, the much-needed map of the deranged madman's mental terrain. 

Only a kiss shared years ago by Mike and Caro offered hope. But while they sought to illuminate the dark recesses of the murderer's mind, even the great power of love began to fail. And it seemed Mike and Caro might not survive the cold summer...nor the even colder killer.

Anyone else remember any of these classics? Have any favorites you'd like to mention?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine Cover Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Intrigue authors' Valentine contest! 

The winners are:

Elizabeth Edwards - $25 B&N gift card
Deb Posey Chudzinski - $25 Amazon gift card

Thank you to everyone who entered! Happy reading!

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Spotlight on February Intrigues: Dangerous Memories

Angi Morgan's latest takes readers on a suspenseful quest to unlock some Dangerous Memories:


After witnessing her mother’s murder as a child, Jolene Atkins had forced the memories from her mind. Now the killer had resurfaced, but this time Jo had Levi Cooper to protect her. Even if he was disobeying direct orders from the U.S. Marshal service to do so….


Levi had vowed years ago to always keep the innocent beauty safe. So when Jo insisted on finally getting some answers, Levi had no choice but to help her. But watching as the pain of the past threatened to crush a spirited Jo, Levi ignored every professional instinct and pulled her into his arms. After one night together, Levi was more determined than ever to close this case. Because that one night would never be enough….

4 1/2 stars from Romantic Times Magazine

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spotlight on February Intrigues: The Marshal's Witness

Lena Diaz makes a thrilling Intrigue debut with The Marshal's Witness:

Everyone has secrets. Hers may get them killed.

Breaking protocol and going on the run with a protected witness wasn't in U.S. Marshal Ryan Jackson's plans. And even though Jessica Delaney's testimony nearly put away a crime boss, Ryan can't afford to trust her. Still, the duty-dedicated marshal will do whatever it takes to protect Jessica and uncover the mole leaking her new identity. But staying seconds ahead of the ruthless killers on their trail is easier than keeping himself safe from Jessica's unexpected vulnerability and irresistible determination.

Now, as the net around them tightens, Ryan's deepest loss may be the one danger he never anticipated.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today we're sharing about a special Valentine's Day or Moment that our parents shared.

PAULA GRAVES:   My father was notoriously cheap. He and my mom both grew up in the rural deep South during the Great Depression, so he knew how to pinch a penny or two. Nor was he demonstrative. He had a pragmatic, stoic outlook on life, with little patience for foolishness and sentiment. So you might think that Valentine's Day around my house was a forgotten holiday.

Not true, although my father observed it in his own unique way. One year, he bought my mother a Valentine's Day card and gave it to her the morning of Valentine's Day. My mother, not particularly sentimental herself, thanked him and set the card down, losing track of it at some point during her busy day. She thought nothing of it again—until the next year, when my father gave her the exact same card. Not another card just like it, mind you. The exact SAME card.

The same thing happened that year, my father not being obvious about it as he nicked the card and hid it away for another year. From that day forward, until his death in 2002, he gave my mother that same card for Valentine's day. It was their thing, and my mother still speaks with love of that quirky little gesture of his to this day.

For an unsentimental man, his Valentine's Day ritual was the height of romance. I think his unique style of expressing affection has influenced my own view of what's romantic, and how romantic gestures can be deeply individual, rooted in a person's history and personality.

MALLORY KANE: My parents fell in love at first sight, and they were in love for almost sixty-two years. They were not just comfortable with each other, or merely tolerant of each other's faults. They were in love, with all the passion and heartache that wildly emotional state entails.

My father was always more of a tease than a romantic. For example, the first time he and my mother ever spoke to each other was after World War II, when Daddy had just returned from Japan. He was driving his brother's brand new car through town when he saw my mother go into a furniture store. Pulling over, he jumped out of his car and managed to slip inside the store right behind her. My mother, planning to move into an apartment, asked the store owner to show her the twin bedroom set she had admired the week before.
My father, a mere passing acquaintance, stepped up beside her and said, "Now Maude, we are not sleeping on twin beds." They were married three months later, and, they did sleep on one of the twin beds until they could afford a double bed. Until the day my mother went into the hospital they still slept in the same bed.

At age seventy-eight, my father had open heart surgery. My seventy-six year old mother spent every night at the hospital, and every day beside his bed.

The first thing my joking, teasing father said when they removed the tracheal tube from his throat was this. "Maude, you know what that doctor found when he cut me open? He found your name engraved on my heart."

There is nothing more romantic than everlasting love. This Valentine's Day, may you find the everlasting love you deserve, whether it's the love of a spouse, a parent, a child, a pet or even love for yourself.

ANGI MORGAN:  My dad always said he saw my mom and fell in love with her at that moment. Yellow roses meant a lot to them. Without fail, he always sent them on her birthday and red roses on Valentine's Day. He planted yellow roses at both bedroom windows to remind her he loved her all year long. My dad passed away in 1998. My mom planted a yellow rosebush near him.

VALENTINE'S Day was the last day to vote on your favorite cover and your favorite blurb. Two lucky winners won an Amazon.com and a Barnes & Noble $25.00 gift card. Vote so your name will go in the hat. (winners chosen)

We'd love to hear if your parents had a special romantic day they shared. Please share.

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See what's new from your Harlequin Intrigue Authors.

TWO days are left to vote on the best cover & the best blurb. You'll be entered into a drawing for
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Thanks for taking a look & HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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Mallory Kane,     Dana Marton,
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marshals and Valentines

Levi Cooper is the go-to guy in his division because he's always on the job. So when he's with Jolene Atkins on Valentine's Day... Well, he hasn't really experienced many with a sweetheart on his arm.

I decided to interview him to find out just what he'd do:

ANGI: So what will you do for a special Valentine's date with Jo this year?
LEVI:  Jo's been in Witness Protection basically in one place (Boulder) all her life. The dream date would be to fly to a warm romantic beach, have dinner, walk in the sand...

ANGI: What kind of present would you give her?
LEVI:  Self Defense classes.

ANGI: That's not really very romantic, Levi.
LEVI:  It is with me teaching.

ANGI: Oh >>grin<<  Would anything else be involved like candy or a card or even lingerie?
LEVI:  I'm hopeless in the lingerie department and why waste the time? All I need is...

ANGI: Whoa there big guy. This is a PG13 blog. So...what's Jo's favorite Valentine's candy?
LEVI:  I don't have to second guess on that one. It's chocolate covered cherries.

ANGI: Anything special you want from Jo for Valentine's?
LEVI:  Well...thinking about that lingerie has given me a couple of ideas. LOL

MAYBE the readers have a couple of ideas about gifts for you, Levi. Every gal wants to remember her first Valentine's Day with her guy.

~ ~ ~
Angi Morgan writes “Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.” She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Angi has been a finalist in the Bookseller’s Best Award, Romantic Times Best First Series, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Daphne du Maurier.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spotlight on February Intrigues: Guardian Ranger

This month meet the latest of Cynthia Eden's Shadow Agents, a true Guardian Ranger:

"Trust me."

The Last Chance bar was Veronica Lane's last hope. Desperate to find her missing brother, the sheltered computer programmer turned to Jasper Adams—the man she'd been warned to stay far away from. Veronica knew she was putting her life in the hands of the former Texas Ranger, who aroused desire she had to resist at all costs.

Posing as a ruthless mercenary was a cover for what Jasper was really doing: hunting a killer. And Veronica was in the line of fire. The soldier-turned-elite-ops-agent knew he was playing a dangerous game—trying to win her trust while deceiving her about his true mission. What would happen once Veronica discovered that everything about him was a lie…everything except his passion for her?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spotlight on February Intrigues: Protecting the Pregnant Princess

Lisa Childs launches a riveting new series Royal Bodyguards in Protecting the Pregnant Princess:

A princess and her doppelganger are missing, and a grief-stricken king turns to Aaron Timmer for answers. As a bodyguard to the king, Aaron's mission is clear when one of the women is found: keep her out of danger and find the abductor. But how can he do that when the mystery woman doesn't remember the events leading up to her disappearance?

Terror strikes a young woman when she wakes up in a private hospital with no idea who she is, how she came to be hospitalized…and whose baby she's carrying. But there is something about the man sent to protect her that makes her feel safe. As they seek the truth together—and the secrets of her past finally begin to resurface—they must prepare for the dangers that await them…and a desire that may be all too familiar.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines. Romance. And...Sighs

Did you miss the Intrigue Authors' newsletter? Each month we have a question to answer--

February. Valentine’s Day. Romance. Sigh. 
Where is the most romantic place you've been or how did your Valentine’s sweetheart make a simple place special?

LENA DIAZ: For our 15th anniversary, my husband took me out to eat at an expensive restaurant. When we walked in, the waiter led us to a group of about thirty people. I hesitated by my chair. Obviously there was a mistake. But then I started actually looking at the faces of the people sitting there and realized I knew them. All of them. My husband had secretly planned this dinner with both of our families for months, and they were all there to celebrate our anniversary. I was so touched. It was so sweet. Then he sprang the real surprise. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring, and a pamphlet for a Chalet in the Smoky Mountains. We were going on a week-long anniversary trip the very next day! He had arranged vacation with my boss for me, had my mom all set to watch our children, and had a pet-sitter for our dog. I thought it was the most amazing, wonderful, romantic thing ever. Until we got home that night and I realized he'd forgotten one very important thing. Laundry. We stayed up most of the night washing clothes and packing. But everything worked out, and we had a wonderful anniversary vacation together. 

CYNTHIA EDEN: When my husband and I first started dating, we were in college—and neither of us exactly had a lot of cash to spend. For our very first Valentine’s Day, we decided to enjoy ourselves…without money. We are lucky enough to live close to the beach, and we went to that beach, right before midnight. The moon was shining, it looked like a million stars were glittering down on us—and we danced under that moonlight. We kicked off our shoes, climbed up onto an old, rickety dock (good thing we didn’t fall in the water!), and slow danced. No cash needed, but it was sure a very special night. I hope that you have a very, very special Valentine’s Day! 

DELORES FOSSEN: For our wedding anniversary, my husband took me to Cascais, Portugal. It's an amazing coastal town only about 30 miles from Lisbon, but it's off the beaten path. Neither my husband nor I speak Portuguese, and we thought we could muddle through with our Spanish. Let's just say, our muddling wasn't very good. Still, we had a wonderful time strolling along the beach, eating some incredible seafood and just having some down time together.  

RITA HERRON: The most romantic place I've been -- my husband took me to Bermuda once for my birthday. We rode the scooters, went to the beach and took a boat ride that was lovely. But the best Valentine's Day was one year when he gave me a used convertible - I had been groaning about driving the minivan so he bought this BMW for me. That night we had a sick child so we sat in the car in the garage, listened to music and toasted with champagne.  

MALLORY KANE: Well, in our younger days, we spent a few years building a fiberglass sailboat. It was fun, but also a lot of hard, sometimes grueling work. Once we finally got the boat turned over--you have to build the fiberglass hull upside down--we were ready to start on the interior. When we finally got the interior glassed, the lead into the keel and built a plywood subfloor, it was around February 14. So with a space heater and a blanket, we 'christened' the boat. It certainly wasn't the most glamorous place, or the most comfortable. But we'd built it ourselves and we thought it was very appropriate place and way to spend Valentine's Day...  

DANA MARTON: The most romantic place I've been with my husband is probably Venice, Italy. Of course, even during our romantic trip, my mind skipped to books. A chance encounter with the seedier side of Venice (after getting lost) showed me that even the most beautiful/romantic city in the world has a side where tourists don't normally go, where hundred-year-old palaces are crumbling into the water, where I wouldn't want to be caught alone at night. That day inspired GUARDIAN AGENT, which then went on to being the first in the AGENTS UNDER FIRE trilogy. Honestly, a romantic suspense author can feel perfectly romantic and still be plotting murder in the back of her mind. It's an occupational hazard. :-)  

CASSIE MILES: Funny valentine...I had my V-Day present all picked out and wrapped -- black satin boxer shorts guaranteed to be delightful.  I told him I wanted something pink and pretty, thinking roses would be nice.  We went out to dinner at Little Saigon and lingered over the sweet Vietnamese coffee.  Back at home, the kids were gone for the night which was always a great mood enhancer.  He opened his present and gave me a fashion show.  Then, it was my turn.  The box wasn't big enough for roses, and it was too heavy.  Inside, I found a matching set of vintage, plaster flamingos.  He said they were rare birds, just like me, and deserved to be treated in a special way.  I agreed.     

JULIE MILLER: The most loving, romantic thing my hubby does for me (besides make me laugh and awesome foot massages!) is that he makes sure we have "us" time. Yep, no grand, glorious bouquets or impulsive weekend getaways here.  But from the time we got married 25 years ago, we've had a standing weekend night tradition of the two of us sitting down together with nachos or popcorn that he's made, and we watch some incarnation of STAR TREK or other favorite show together.  We're working our way through Deep Space Nine now, but we've watched all the Trek shows, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Hercules and more. It's our time.  Even during the craziest of schedules--deadlines, school demands, doing plays, family demands, etc.--he makes that time for us.  Of course, we do lots of other things together as time and interests and budgets allow, but we always have Saturday or Sunday night that's date night just for us. (The picture is from us doing a play together--Sorry, no Trek pix of the two of us on file... although we DO have Star Trek uniforms!)   

ANGI MORGAN: It wasn't Valentine's Day or an anniversary or anything special. Just a well-deserved real vacation. We'd had this wonderful dinner at a restaurant on the beach (sand in our toes, really) on Anna Maria Island in Florida. We'd come there, specifically to look for some tiny seashells we'd been told about, but the light got away from us and the sun dipped into the gulf right when we got to the beach. We kept walking though, chatting about nothing and enjoying an approaching storm. I asked if Tim was ready to go and he said no, we hadn't gotten the shells. It was much too dark to see, but he ran back to the car and got the beach towels. We sat and he clicked on the light from his smartphone. We picked through the shells, dropping them into a water bottle. The battery ran out, just as the first rain drops fell. It's the simple things that I find romantic. The next night it was a fruity drink and walking through the surf at sunset. Loved it.

ROBIN PERINI: This particular February I can’t think about romance without thinking about my Mom and Dad. The reason: this February is their 50th wedding anniversary. My dad met my mom on a blind date in March of their senior year of college. They were engaged by July and married the following February. Fifty years ago. They still hold hands; they are still each other’s best friend; they still love each other. When you think about ‘in sickness and in health’ and ‘to love and to cherish’, they embody these vows. They truly are an inspiration. To me and to everyone who knows them, I think. So this Valentine’s Day, I want to say, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you! Thanks for showing our family what love is all about!

AIMEE THURLO: To us, romance is what happens every day, not when we go out for dinner, or maybe on a special trip. The most romantic things happen daily, when he brings me a bowl of buttered popcorn even though I didn't ask, or he gets up to turn the lights off at three in the morning when I was the one who left them on.

So much of the time these days romance is equated to sex, but although that can be part of it, romance is expressed in tenderness, in caring. My favorite time of the week is when we watch our teams play football. He bought me a New Orleans Saints cap, and a Raven's cap. (After watching Blind Side I always root for the Ravens) We get on our daybed, side by side with the dogs all around us, and watch the game. We scream at the players and roar when there's a touchdown, and hold hands after the popcorn runs out. It's not candlelight and roses, but it's love...the kind that's lasted forty three years come this July.  

REBECCA YORK:   I lost my heart in San Francisco.  Or, my husband already had it, and one of the most romantic times I can remember with him was a trip we took to San Francisco. It’s a lovely city with great views, great restaurants, great walks, and a great hotel room where we had a very memorable private party.   
~ ~ ~

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Remembering Kisses

THE INSPIRATION for U.S. Marshal Levi Cooper: Joe Manganiello.

My buddy, Intrigue author Robin Perini suggested that I post about Levi & Jo's first kiss. In Dangerous Memories, the hero and heroine have known each other for four years. Their first kiss actually takes place before the story ever begins.

I love writing stories where the characters have history. It's an appropriate story for February and reunited lost loves.

Neither Jo or Levi move on from that long goodbye kiss at an airport. Jo's moving from Boulder to Georgia and Levi's staying behind. That one kiss, their first kiss, burned into their memory and could never be replaced by someone else.

There had been lots of sexual tension between Jo and Levi for several years. At first it was a simple secret crush of a college student. Then for Jo, when she graduated and had become friends, she made her move. That's right, Jo kissed Levi.

No tellin' what might have happened if she hadn't been getting on that plane.
~ ~ ~
Angi Morgan writes “Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.” She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Angi has been a finalist in the Bookseller’s Best Award, Romantic Times Best First Series, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Daphne du Maurier.
Website   Connect on Facebook   FB Fan Page   Twitter @AngiMorganAuthr

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WHAT's a kiss that you remember reading about or even seeing in a film?  

All blog commenters will be entered into a special drawing for a glass Valentine's Kiss (picture available on A Picture A Day 2-13, drawing on 2-14). Be sure to leave your email for easy contact. OR just send your email directly to Angi.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spotlight on February Intrigues: Hostage Midwife

Cassie Miles' latest exciting read introduces readers to a Hostage Midwife:

In a twist of fate, midwife Kelly Evans is the only person to hear the last words of a dying man. Although the words make no sense, someone thinks she knows more than she should. And millionaire playboy Nick Spencer may just be her fiercest protector. If his uncle was murdered, Nick fears the Spencer fortune is at risk. And worse, that Kelly, an innocent bystander, may be in danger. When a hostage situation traps Kelly within the killer's grasp, Nick knows he holds the key to her release. He'll do anything to save her life—even if it costs him his own.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spotlight on February Intrigues: Ultimate Cowboy

Travel back to the Bucking Bronc Lodge with Rita Herron to meet an Ultimate Cowboy:

Rancher Brody Bloodworth has spent years blaming himself for his brother's disappearance. If he hadn't snuck off to be with Julie Whitehead, everything would have been different—and he wouldn't have pushed her away. Now Julie is back, as an FBI agent with a solid lead on his brother. Although the past makes Brody reluctant to fall for Julie again, he admires her for being unable to keep her hands off the case. Before long he finds himself unable to keep his hands off her. As he prepares for a showdown with the ruthless kidnappers, Brody knows what's at stake if he wins. And just how much he'll lose if he doesn't….

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Intrigue Week

We're celebrating the February releases on Get Lost In A Story. There are give-aways to register for. Try "getting lost" every day >>grin<<  JOIN US AND LEARN a few fun things about the February authors and their characters.

Sunday the 3rd: LENA DIAZ
Monday the 4th: CYNTHIA EDEN
Tuesday the 5th: RITA HERRON
Wednesday the 6th: CASSIE MILES
Thursday the 7th: LISA CHILDS
Friday the 8th: ANGI MORGAN
Sunday the 10th:  Drawing Winners 

We're having a great giveaway (winner Sunday, February 10th) through Rafflecopter to keep things organized. You can enter today. Multiple chances to win, multiple prizes.

YOU can catch a feature here on each of the February books each weekend.