Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Friends and Movies!

What a GREAT weekend! I got to show off my town to friend Suz Brockmann and her hubby, Ed Gaffney. Seattle is a beautiful city, but when I called Suz's hotel and asked what she wanted to do on day #2 she said, "I want to see mountains!" Well, we have some of those too ;-). The pic is from our booksigning featuring me, Suz, Ed and my friend, Mary Ellen.

We also hosted a booksigning at the fabulous McDonald's Book Exchange in Redmond, Washington. Fans came from Canada to see Suz!

My other highlight of the weekend was my #1 movie pick (reviewed on my website): DISTURBIA. I'm calling it Hitchcock for teenagers . What a great flick. It's packed with suspense, emotion, and humor (always helps to have the wise guy sidekick, eh?) I would *highly* recommend this movie. The best part is the filmaker was able to make a scary movie without the usual blood and guts. Kudos to Shia LeBeouf who will be a moviestar -- you read it here first -- and an excellent performance by a new favorite of mine, David Morse (check out his fabulous, subtle performance in DOWN IN THE VALLEY).

What movies have you seen lately? Anyone excited about HOT FUZZ?

Cheers from the land of lattes and pine trees!

Pat White

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