Saturday, December 14, 2013


by Lena Diaz

 It's a case of taken identity in Lena Diaz's UNDERCOVER TWIN!

DEA agent Nick Morgan had no choice but to break up with the love of his life, Heather Bannon. He knew that if he was seen anywhere near the gorgeous P.I., he could kiss his career goodbye. But when Heather's twin is abducted, Nick reconsiders his priorities.

As Nick leads Heather on a dangerous undercover mission to rescue her sister and topple an elusive drug lord, he knows he was wrong to end their relationship. Working side by side, Nick realizes his love for her is as strong as ever, and he'll risk his life to prove it. Having Heather pose as her twin—down to her tattoos—could be genius…or a fatal mistake.

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December 2013

ISBN: 9780373697335 (#1466)

Friday, December 13, 2013


by Robin Perini

In Robin Perini's THE CRADLE CONSPIRACY, two things have been stolen from Raven: her memories…and her baby

CIA agent Daniel Adams, once a prisoner of war, is a loner out of necessity. But rescuing an amnesiac woman left buried alive bonds them in ways neither can resist. All "Raven" knows is that her baby is in danger. All Daniel can focus on is finding the missing child—and protecting Raven every step of the way.

Her memories are lost and his are scarred from the damages of war. But as they depend on each other for survival in the rugged west Texas mountains, the pieces of their broken pasts start to come together. Now all they have is the risky hope of a future together as they confront the threat that can destroy them both.

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December 2013
ISBN: 9780373697328 (#1465)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marshall Field’s Christmas Memories

Last year, Entangled Publishing offered my two related holiday romantic suspense novels, HOLIDAY IN CRIMSON and NIGHTMARE IN CRIMSON, sold separately. Both were substantially revised Intrigue backlist novels. This year, they are being offered together as CRIMSON DUET at a great discount.

As a child, I lived in the Chicago suburbs. I didn’t know much about the big city, nearly twenty miles away, except that I looked forward to Christmas, when Mom took me downtown to see the iconic Marshall Field’s windows on State Street. When writing my holiday romantic mysteries, I wanted to use a department store like the one I loved as a child. I wanted to involve the Christmas windows. And I wanted the murder victim to be Santa Claus. As a matter of fact I killed him twice!

In Holiday in Crimson...
Westbrook Department Store’s Christmas party wasn’t that wild--but Santa ended up dead and now window designer Shelby Corbin suddenly finds herself the prime suspect in his murder.  CEO Rand McNabb's romantic attentions both thrill her and frighten her. Is Westbrook’s impossibly sexy co-owner really helping Shelby search for the truth about that fatal night?  Shelby wonders if Rand has a deadlier motive for courting the only possible witness to the crime...

In Nightmare in Crimson...
Last holiday, Pippa McNabb's faithless husband was found murdered in a Santa suit after a Christmas party. Another year, another Christmas party, and another dead Santa – this time, run down by eight tiny reindeer and a sleigh. And now Pippa is the prime suspect. Sexy sleigh driver Sky Thornton seems intent on helping her, but is the man who knows too much about her really trying to clear her name, or is he trying to frame her for a murder he committed?

I enjoyed creating these intricately plotted (and connected) romantic mysteries.

Marshall Field's is long gone, but for a look at my inspiration, go here:
Marshall Field’s Christmas Memories

Happy holiday memories to all our readers.


Twitter: @Prosemoor

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Miniseries: The Delancey Dynasty

Deception turns deadly in Mallory Kane's DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS

New Orleans detective Ethan Delancey has a mission to solve a senator's murder. Putting Laney Montgomery—the sole witness, who now has a cold-blooded killer on her heels—under his protection? Pure instinct. Every hour pushes her deeper into danger. The only way to ensure her safety—and capture a criminal—is to keep her close.

Neither expects the flare of desire that pushes them over the line between professional and personal. Even as Laney's secrets start to unravel, Ethan is driven to watch over her despite the rules of his job and the threat against them. Together, they're on the verge of discovering every dirty detail of the truth…unless an unknown murderer finds them first.

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December 2013

ISBN: 9780373697311 (#1464)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Harlequin Community 

Tuesday you'll find many of your favorite Intrigue Authors stopping by to say hello.

Hope you'll join us.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Authors & Giveaways a Plenty

Join us at Facebook Monday December 9th for our Holiday Celebration. Lots of giveaways throughout the day and everyone leaving a comment is eligible for our TWO $50 Gift Cards.


10:00 AM Barb Han  2 copies Rancher Rescue

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NOON Julie Miller  Precinct: Task force books
1:00 Delores  books
2:00 Elle James  backlist books
3:00 Cindi Myers  Rocky Mountain Revenge
4:00 Aimee Thurlo 3 H.I.'s our Copper Canyon series
5:00 B.J. Daniels 3 Christmas at Cardwell Ranch books and/or 3 HQN books
6:00 Lena Diaz  The Marshal's Witness
Explosive Attraction 
Undercover Twin
Tennessee Takedown
7:00 Joanna Wayne  3 copies of Unrepentant Cowboy
8:00 Elizabeth Heiter  ARC copy of HUNTED
9:00 Janie Crouch
10:00 Carol Ericson   2 copies Trap, Secure and Catch, Release
Angi Morgan The Marine's Last Defense
Cowboy Boot Earrings
Robin Perini Cradle Conspiracy
$25.00 Gift Card
$25 Wounded Warriors Donation
GRAND PRIZE:  $50.00 Gift Card
$50.00 Gift Card

Sunday, December 8, 2013


by Rita Herron

 In Rita Herron's COLD CASE AT CAMDEN CROSSING, the old saying is true: The smaller the town, the bigger the secrets.

People in town believe Tawny-Lynn Boulder is the only reason the Camden Cross case went unsolved. She survived the bus accident that left several dead and two missing, but the severe trauma left her with amnesia.

So when she returns to her family's ranch after seven years, Sherrif Chaz Camden presses her to help locate the girls who were never found—including his own sister. But someone in town is threatening to kill Tawny-Lynn to keep the case closed. Now she must trust that the sexy sheriff she once loved will protect her and show this murderer that in Camden, accidents don't happen…justice does.

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December 2013
ISBN: 9780373697304 (#1463)

Saturday, December 7, 2013


The Precinct: Task Force

His star witness receives threats instead of Christmas cards in USA TODAY Bestselling Author Julie Miller's latest release

As the lone surviving victim who can put her attacker away in prison, heiress Bailey Austin becomes the key to the D.A.'s case against a notorious criminal. As lead detective, Spencer Montgomery must prep her for trial. But he becomes her personal protector when she starts receiving terrifying "gifts" meant to scare her away from testifying.

Spencer is a cop on the fast track to making captain one day, if he can keep his emotions in check. But as the stalker's threats escalate, he can't deny that Bailey has thawed his icy heart. Her courage touches him in ways no other woman has, and reminds him that she's more important to him than any investigation.

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December 2013

ISBN: 9780373697298 (#1462)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Miniseries: The Marshals of Maverick County

Her target is tall, dark…and dangerous, in USA TODAY Bestselling Author Delores Fossen's newest release

The armed and dangerous woman trespassing on federal marshal Declan O'Malley's Texas ranch isn't a killer. She's Eden Gray, and the P.I. is trailing trouble and unfinished business. He's the last person she wants to visit, but now a vengeful enemy is targeting them both.

Eden's orders were very clear: kill Declan, or her sisters die. Sworn to find out who's after her and why, she's forced to team up with the devastatingly attractive lawman.

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December 2013
ISBN: 9780373697281 (#1461)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's your Favorite Holiday Song?

what song was their favorite holiday song and share the YouTube versions.

I have two absolutely favorite songs to listen to at Christmas (but I love Christmas music…traditional and modern). The first is Linus & Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas: 
AND I adore the Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser:
Linus & Lucy reminds me of childhood…the anticipation of seeing the Charlie Brown specials (no VCR, DVDs, YouTube, etc….). And my sister-in-law introduced me to Straight No Chaser. They are amazing. But the Christmas Can Can reminds me to celebrate and laugh. I also admire the success of these young men. Their story is amazing. To all my friends…Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Happy Hanukkah!
I absolutely love Il Volo. These men have the most dynamic voices. We all have books that are special to us. Homespun Christmas is the perfect feel good story, as one Amazon reviewer said.
My grandmother taught me all about knitting and crocheting and it led to a lifelong passion. I've won first, second and third places at our New Mexico State Fair with my pieces, and one day my love for homespun gifts sparked the idea that became Homespun Christmas!
Homespun Christmas is a story about the will to succeed - even when the odds are against you. It's a book about working class Americans, the unsung heroes who make a real difference though you won't find them headlining the news. Here's a Christmas medley with wonderful images on YouTube:  
DUET IN CRIMSON December 2013
"Carol of the Bells" is a popular Christmas carol, composed by Mykola Leontovych with lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky. The song is based on a folk chant known in Ukrainian as "Shchedryk."
I never knew this was something from my Ukranian heritage, but I always loved the strength of the music and the way it made me feel. I've been known to play it over and over and over... I picked a YouTube version I haven't heard/seen before but love and hope you will, too. 
HUNTED, Harlequin MIRA, January 2014
My favorite holiday music is probably Silent Night simply because it's beautiful.  I love to sing along to holiday music, and I particularly enjoy when there are strings in the background, probably because I used to play violin.
My debut suspense, HUNTED, from Harlequin MIRA, releases right around the holidays, on Dec. 31, 2013.  You can visit me on the web.
An RT Book Reviews Top Pick!
It's not Christmas for me until I watch WHITE CHRISTMAS and hear Bing Crosby sing the title song.  Although I love the spectacle of the finale scene where they sing it again with a big chorus, set and costumes, this plain, straightforward version is my favorite.  I like Bing Crosby's rendition in HOLIDAY INN, too--another holiday movie I'd highly recommend, even though it doesn't get the press of the 1956 movie.  I like this slightly melancholy, definitely hopeful version because it's Bing Crosby at his best.  He's one of those rare people whose singing feels effortless.  The song reminds me of family, too.  My mom and I watch it on DVD every year.  And, it's one of the few musicals my dad watched and enjoyed--probably because of the military storyline.  Now we've got the next generation of nieces/nephews and my son watching it with us.  WHITE CHRISTMAS is a relaxing holiday tradition at my house.
Rocky Mountain Revenge, February 2014
My favorite holiday music are hymns and carols. I've sung in choirs since I was old enough to stand up, so Christmas is always full of music for me. One of my favorites -- because it was my mother's favorite and it reminds me of her -- is "What Child Is This?" 

Monday, December 2, 2013

To-Do List

Is this time of year as busy for you as it is for me? Combine work and family with the holidays and end of the year activities, and December always seems to be a pretty hectic time for me.

Here are SOME of the things on my to-do list this month:

1.  Celebrate the release of my 50th book!  YULETIDE PROTECTOR is not only the thrilling conclusion to my Precinct: Task Force miniseries, but it's my 50th book overall.  I'm spending some time promoting and celebrating its release.  And, I'm thrilled to share that the book is going to be reviewed in LIBRARY JOURNAL this month.  So if you're a library supporter, please check it out.  And if you'd like to read an excerpt from the book, go to

RT BookReviews Top Pick!

2.  Many people do crafts or train for triathlons or do other things for hobbies. One of my favorite hobbies is working in our local community theater.  I've acted, directed, done makeup and costumes, worked on the backstage crew, played in the pit and more. This month, the Miller family is having a lot of fun with the play YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.  Hubby is directing, son is playing Linus, and I'm Frieda, with the naturally curly hair (hmm... wonder how I got that part ;) The play goes up next week, so we've been busy rehearsing. Great music, good friends, lots of fun.

3.  Another thing hubby and I like to do is sing.  Our local community choir, City Singers, is having two holiday concerts this upcoming weekend.  Plus, we've shared the holiday spirit by caroling downtown after
Thanksgiving, and at a local grocery store, nursing homes and our local historical center, the Stuhr Museum.

4.  Decorate the house.  Hubby has got the outside done.  I'm in charge inside, which means...

5.  Clean the house.  Especially since my mother is joining us from Missouri for Christmas.  I don't know if my home will ever be perfectly spic 'n span, but I do like things neat and tidy before we add trees and ornaments and gifts.

6.  Write. Yes.  Amidst all this chaos, I'm still working.  It's the writer's life.  And I'm loving it.  Currently, I'm working on a holiday story (it doesn't often happen that one gets to write a story during the season when it actually takes place, so it's easy to get into the snowy, cold mood of the story--although, I certainly don't have chase scenes and murdered cops and a kidnapping on my holiday to-do list!)

7.  Plan my workshop for a conference where I'll be speaking in January.  (Omaha, Nebraska--Jan. 10-12) Oddly enough, it's called "Writing Amidst the Chaos"  Hmm...

8.  I invite all my readers and friends to join me for a couple of Intrigue events this month.  First, on Monday, Dec. 9, the Intrigue authors and I are holding an Intrigue event on our Facebook page.  There'll be authors to chat with, prizes to win and more.  You can find us at

9. On Tuesday, Dec. 10, it's Intrigue Day at  There'll be a dedicated Intrigue discussion with several authors coming and going throughout the day and evening, plus lots of prizes to give away (including a complete 6-book set of my Precinct: Task Force miniseries!).  It's Open House week all week at, featuring special events in all the lines.  If you haven't checked out the Harlequin community yet, please do.  It's easy and free to login and join, and you can mingle with authors, aspiring writers, publishing professionals and readers there.
Harlequin Enterprises 2013

10. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa, pleasant December and a Happy New Year!  And getting back to work on my to-do list...

So what's on your to-do list this time of year?  Share what's keeping you busy and we can root each other on with good thoughts of energy, patience and super time-management skills.  Tomorrow, I'll give away a
copy of YULETIDE PROTECTOR to one lucky poster.

Happy Holidays!
Julie Miller