Friday, October 26, 2012


First Day of Fall

I know that for many of you fall started a month ago. But where I live in Montgomery County in Texas, fall is never in a rush to arrive. That's usually fine by us since October does see a gradual decline in temperature and humidity. We can actually sit outside late afternoons and watch the birds flit around the bird bath and feeders and the deer come wandering by.
But this morning, the first read cool spell of the season arrived. It's not six in the morning yet, but when I got my computer and coffee to sit outside and write as the sun comes up, the damp coolness sent me back inside for a blanket. I found it absolutely exhilarating. Makes me want to take a long walk along the lake and bake bread. Instead, I'll sit here and put the finishing touches on Trumped-Up Charges, a book set in the blistering heat of a Dallas summer. But I'll be thinking about pumpkin pie and hot chocolate as I do.
And tonight, I'll curl up under a blanket with a good book. If you are, too, hope it's an Intrigue. You might like BIG SHOT, the 3rd book in my Big "D" Dad series. Your weather might be cool. But Durk Lambert is HOT!
What's your favorite activity for a perfect fall day?


  1. Fall is never a rush to get to Nueces County either but today I arrived and it's only 68° at the moment here by the bay. I'm sitting here getting ready to read with the door open and the cool breeze blowing in instead of having the door closed and the AC on.

  2. OK that should be it arrived....I've been here all along!!!

  3. Fall means hot chocolate and soccer games when my daughter was younger. Now just sitting on the porch with the hot chocolate and a book on my kindle to read before it gets too cold here in the northeast to sit out.

  4. I do love walking through the park on a crisp day, followed by a hot chocolate & a great book.