Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spotlight on June Intrigues: Assumed Identity

Julie Miller's latest tale of The Precinct: Task Force brings readers the riveting tale of a man with an Assumed Identity:


Scarred inside and out by a past he can't remember, Jake Lonergan doesn't know if he's a heroic undercover DEA agent or the hit man who killed him and assumed his identity. While he is determined to remain in the shadows, it's Robin Carter and her baby girl who force him back into the light. When the gorgeous single mom is attacked, Jake comes to her rescue...and finds it impossible to walk away from this fragile little family. Now, with a dangerous stalker determined to get his hands on the only woman who got away, protecting Robin and her daughter becomes Jake's priority. But with his memories still in question, Jake fears what will happen when the bad guy comes calling. Can he prove he's the good guy Robin is convinced he must be?


  1. Not read this one yet, but Julie's Intrigues are the greatest.

  2. Thanks, Brenda! Hope you get the chance to read ASSUMED IDENTITY soon.