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THE MARINE'S LAST DEFENSE, Harlequin Intrigue, January 2014 ~After escaping a killer, playing dead was the only way Sabrina Watkins could get out of Amarillo alive. Now she's living in Dallas, where no one knows her true identity. Until homicide cop Jake Craig shows up. A half-frozen pup he finds at a crime scene brings Jake to Sabrina's doorstep. Suddenly, the former Marine is playing hero to a desperate woman on the run. Sworn to clear her name, Jake's already falling for the stunning brunette with the amethyst eyes. Can he keep her safe and turn a rescue mission into a last chance at love?
NAVY SEAL SURRENDER, Texas Family Reckoning Book 1, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014 ~John Sloane returns and unknowingly sets a plan in motion to destroy Alicia Adams. Her daughter is kidnapped, she’s blamed, his brother is framed and John’s the only person who can find the evidence on those responsible. Alicia plans to run away with her child and never look back. It’s the only way to keep her safe. But John doesn’t run from trouble any longer. Can he convince Alicia to trust him to fight for her and win?
THE RENEGADE RANCHER, Texas Family Reckoning Book 2, Harlequin Intrigue, June 2014  ~Two decades of fatal accidents. Brian Sloane and Lindsey Cook must find the reason someone wants her family destroyed. But finding the murderer and clearing Brian’s name means putting Lindsey in even more danger. On the run from a murderer, can they prove to each other they deserve love and family?

THE BRIDGE, Brody Law, Harlequin Intrigue, April 2014  ~SFPD Homicide Detective Sean Brody's past is coming back to haunt him, and only one woman can bring him the redemption he needs.
THE DISTRICT, Brody Law, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014  ~FBI Agent Eric Brody's quest to track down a serial killer brings him face-to-face with his past and an ex-fiancée who has more secrets than he does.
THE WHARF, Brody Law, Harlequin Intrigue, Oct 2014  ~Police Chief Ryan Brody's determination to uncover the truth of his family's past involves him with a true crime writer who's just as determined to hide hers.
THE HILL, Brody Law, Harlequin Intrigue, Nov 2014 ~When Private Investigator Judd Brody agrees to protect a San Francisco heiress, he doesn't realize that his past is entangled with hers.

RELENTLESS, Corcoran Team #3, Harlequin Intrigue, April 2014  ~Former NCIS agent Ben Tanner needs to redeem himself. When the hot new operative saves nurse Jocelyn Raine from a brutal attacker, he embarks on his most challenging mission yet: discovering who's after the strong, sexy woman--and trying his best not to fall for her.
LAWLESS, Corcoran Team #4, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014  ~Undercover agent Joel Kidd wasn't picked just for his risk-assessment and kidnap-prevention skills. He had inside knowledge of the mission's target: Hope Algier. Business had divided the former lovers, and now that same dirty business brought them back together.
TRACELESS, Corcoran Team #5, Harlequin Intrigue, June 2014  ~Corcoran Team leader Connor Bowen handles everything without trouble, but the one thing he can't control is his estranged wife, Jana. When she's kidnapped and the attackers propose a trade - him for her - Connor doesn't hesitate to risk everything for the woman he loves.

THE PAWNBROKER, Minotaur, January 2014  ~Two war veterans find that their special ops skills come in unexpectedly handy back stateside in Albuquerque, NM.
UNDERCOVER WARRIOR, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2014

HUNTED, Harlequin MIRA, January 2014  ~ A serial killer is terrorizing a small Virginia town and it’s up to FBI profiler Evelyn Baine to bring him to justice.  But when the Bakersville Burier sets his sights on her, she finds out just how deadly it can be to get inside the head of a killer.

BOUND BY SECRETS, Montgomery Justice Series - Gabe’s Story, Montlake Romance, Summer 2014  ~Gabe Montgomery’s search into the past leads to a terrifying truth: dozens of kids have vanished…and no one knows. Can Gabe help one woman save her sister from a deadly game where winning at all costs means no one will get out alive?
SECRET OBSESSION, Harlequin Intrigue,  August 2014  ~Desperate to keep a precious secret, the only woman to survive the uncatchable serial killer, Archimedes, must count on her murdered fiancé’s best friend—a brilliant and deadly ex-Marine—to save her from the killer’s vicious obsession.
SECRETS, LIES AND TROUBLE, Harlequin Intrigue, November 2014  ~Determined to protect her niece after the girl’s family was assassinated, a CIA analyst must team with the mysterious Sheriff of Trouble, Texas, who has been labeled a traitor by her father.

TENNESSEE TAKEDOWN, Harlequin Intrigue, February 2014   ~ Part-time SWAT officer and full-time detective, Dillon Gray rescues CPA Ashley Parrish from a madman on a rampage through her office building. But Dillon quickly discovers this wasn't a random act, and soon he is on the run with Ashley to protect her from assassins as they both try to figure out who wants her dead.
THE BODYGUARD, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014   ~ Caroline Ashton plans her escape from her abusive husband, hiring bodyguard Luke Dawson to protect her. But no sooner does she leave than she stumbles upon the body of the man she ran from—her husband. Now Luke must protect her from an unknown killer while helping Caroline overcome the wounds of her past and learn to live, and love, again.
TAKE THE KEY AND LOCK HER UP, Avon Impulse (HarperCollins), July  2014  ~Devlin "Devil" Buchanan leads a dark and dangerous life he has kept hidden for years. But suddenly women he knows are disappearing, and dying, and a sexy little police detective threatens to expose his deepest secrets. If Devlin can't learn to trust the detective, both of them will be the killer's next target.

DEADLY ENGAGEMENT, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, January 2014 ~Adventurous nurse dives into trouble with former SEAL on a mission to save the U.S. west coast from a terrorist plot.
DEADLY LIAISONS, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, April 2014 ~Stealth Operations Specialist assists a pretty, injured B&B owner conduct a ghost-hunting weekend fraught with mystery and danger.
TEMPTED BY THE DEMON, Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, April 2014 ~Kick-ass cop and her resident demon join forces to stop a soul-sucking succubus from siphoning power from demons before the paranormal council convenes.
THE WITCH'S DESIRE, Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, May 2014  ~Two of Chicago’s finest paranormal agents and lovers on a mission to deliver a VIP to NYC struggle against wicked weather and creatures determined to see them fail.
SHALL WE DANCE (Cowboy Heat Anthology), Cleis Press, July 2014 ~Reluctant Secret Service Agent rescues beautiful, rebellious heiress from her grandmother's opponents in a deadly game of politics.
SECRET SERVICE RESCUE, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, July 2014  ~Reluctant Secret Service Agent rescues beautiful, rebellious heiress from her grandmother's opponents in a deadly game of politics.
DEADLY ALLURE, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, August 2014  ~Female Stealth Operations Specialist teams with a former special ops turned dive boat captain to uncover a secret that threatens the nation.

UNREPENTANT COWBOY, Harlequin Intrigue, Jan 2014 ~Protecting the innocent is second nature to cowboy defense attorney Leif Dalton, as long as the job takes him nowhere near the father who abandoned him. That is until a serial killer puts Joni Griffin in danger. Then trust may make the difference between life and death for the woman he loves. Book 3 in the Big D Dads, the Dalton series.
HARD RIDE TO DRY GULCH, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2014  ~With her 18-year-old son’s disappearance shrouded in mystery and deadly secrets,  Faith Ashburn must put her trust in Detective Travis Dalton, even though it means losing her heart to the daring cowboy cop. Book 3 in the Big D Dads, the Daltons series.

BLACK ROSE, Shadows box set, Harlequin E Shivers Line, January & April 2014.  ~A lush romance set in New Orleans and the Louisiana bayou. The mystery that surrounds it is steeped in gothic atmosphere, and the hero has almost as many secrets as the overarching villain.
RAVEN'S HOLLOW, Harlequin Intrigue, February 2014 ~Like it's three predecessors, this book is set in Maine and a town haunted by legends and secrets and the memory of a murder that happened twenty years ago.

GROOM UNDER FIRE, Shotgun Weddings series, Harlequin Intrigue, June 2014 ~When Tanya Chesterfield’s groom is kidnapped, she marries her bodyguard so she can meet the terms of her grandfather’s will and collect her inheritance and pay the ransom. But there’s no ransom demand made – only attempts on her life and her new husband’s.
EXPLOSIVE ENGAGEMENT, Shotgun Weddings series, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2014  ~Logan Payne is the head of Payne Protection. But the person this bodyguard needs to protect is himself; someone’s trying to kill Logan. He’s convinced he knows who, the daughter of his father’s killer. But when he confronts her, he winds up saving her.
BACHELOR BODYGUARD, Shotgun Weddings series, Harlequin Intrigue, August 2014  ~Someone wants bachelor bodyguard Parker Payne dead and has put out a hit to make certain he dies.  He nearly does, of shock, when a woman he doesn’t even know claims the six month old baby she’s holding is his.

PRIMAL INSTINCT, Harlequin Intrigue, April 2014  ~In San Francisco a serial killer known only as “Simon Says”  lures his next victim while the FBI grasps for answers. Desperate, they turn to Adrienne Jeffries who has an uncanny talent for getting inside the city's most dangerous minds. But first she'll have to get past FBI agent Conner Perigo. Skeptical of Adrienne's abilities, Conner begrudgingly enlists her help…unprepared for the powerful attraction that could jeopardize their focus. With little time, and everything to lose, they must work to find Simon's next victim—before he does.

MAKE MINE A MARINE (title subject to change) Ladytech, Inc., Spring 2014  ~When nanny Mollie Hendricks commits a crime to help a beloved former charge who's in trouble, she has no idea of the real danger she's getting into.  With veteran Marine and security expert Jason Cook hot on her trail and hot for her innocent kisses, she plunges into a jungle of drug smugglers and ruthless kidnappers.  Stranded together in the wilds of Isla Tenebrosa, the pursued and pursuer must join forces to survive not only the enemy, but the island itself.  Can she penetrate the nightmarish memories Tenebrosa triggers in Jason and thaw the former Marine's icy heart?  Or will this rescue mission gone sideways end any hope for a happily-ever after?
KCPD PROTECTOR, Harlequin Intrigue, August 2014  ~A mysterious stalker threatens Elise Brown, executive assistant to KCPD’s Deputy Commissioner, George Madigan—forcing the boss and his gal Friday into new roles—investigator, protector and unexpected lovers.
KIDNAPPED BY A COP (title subject to change), Harlequin Intrigue, Holidays 2014 ~When nurse Teresa Rodriguez stops at the scene of a wintry traffic accident to help the injured driver, her holiday plans take a dramatic turn into a nightmarish danger zone. Kidnapped at gunpoint by wounded DEA Agent Charles Nash, the deal is simple--keep him alive long enough to find out who blew his cover and set him up for death... and he’ll let her go home to her family for Christmas.  What’s not so simple?  Now someone wants her dead, too.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN REVENGE, Harlequin Intrigue, February 2014  ~Federal Marshal Patrick Thompson almost lost one woman in his care. He won't lose another. As an officer for the Witness Security Program, it's his job to protect Stacy Giardino, the former daughter-in-law of an infamous crime boss.
A CHANGE OF ALTITUDE, Kensington Books, June 2014  ~Spring in Eureka, Colorado, seems the perfect time for a fresh start, but for Sharon Ferguson, the problems of the past may follow her to her mountain refuge.

STEALING JUSTICE, January 2014 ~A hot FBI agent, a sexy woman who breaks the law, a killer who's unstoppable: Stealing Justice
THE PROSECUTOR, Harlequin Intrigue, March 2014 ~Two Attorneys with everything to lose fight for justice in The Prosecutor.
THE DEFENDER, Harlequin Intrigue, June 2014  ~A sassy defense attorney teams up with an FBI agent to track a killer, but will they both lose their lives during the hunt?

WANTED, The Marshals of Maverick County Book 6, Harlequin Intrigue, Jan. 2014
JOSH,  The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Harlequin Intrigue, April 2014
SAWYER, The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014
MAVERICK SHERIFF, Sweetwater Ranch Book 1, Harlequin Intrigue, Sept. 2014
A BADGE AND A STETSON, Sweetwater Ranch Book 2, Harlequin Intrigue, Oct 2014
POSSESSED, Harlequin Shivers, Oct. 2014
RUSTLING UP TROUBLE, Sweetwater Ranch Book 3, Harlequin Intrigue, Nov 2014
UNEXPECTED GIFT, Harlequin Special Release Anthology, Nov 2014
KIDNAPPING IN KENDALL COUNTY, Sweetwater Ranch Book 4, Harlequin Intrigue, Dec 2014

RANCHER RESCUE, Harlequin Intrigue, February 2014  ~When a little boy goes missing, rancher Caleb Snow steps in to help...and winds up falling for the child's beautiful--but mysterious--aunt.
HER SECRET PROTECTOR, The Protector Series Book 1, Harlequin Intrigue, December 2014

ATONEMENT, The Beartooth, Montana series, HQN, March 2014   ~It's been one year, and Sheriff Dillon Lawson still feels guilty that he couldn't save his twin brother, Ethan. But the biggest test of his bravery comes when Tessa Winters arrives, claiming to be pregnant…with Ethan's baby. At first, Dillon can't decide if this beautiful woman is a con artist or a victim. If Ethan didn't die in that car crash, then where is he—and why is he hiding? Now, Dillon is prepared to do anything to uncover the truth—anything except admit his growing feelings for Tessa. But with violence threatening, Tessa and Dillon must trust in each other to save not only themselves…but also Tessa's unborn child.
RESCUE AT CARDWELL RANCH, Cardwell Cousins, Harlequin Intrigue, June 2014  ~When Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky, Montana, for his brother's wedding, the Texas P.I. didn't expect to play hero. But ever since he saved her from a brutal abductor, he can't get McKenzie Sheldon out of his mind and heart.
WEDDING AT CARDWELL RANCH, Cardwell Cousins, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2014
In Wedding at Cardwell Ranch, Jackson Cardwell isn't looking to be anybody's hero. But the Texas single father knows a beautiful lady in distress when he meets her. Someone's hell-bent on making Allie Taylor think she's losing her mind. Allie's past has stalked her to Cardwell Ranch, and not even Jackson may be able to save her from a killer with a chilling agenda.
MERCY, HQN, November 2014  ~For U.S. Marshal Rourke Kincaid, there's the law…and then there's his law. When the two don't agree, he always trusts his instincts. A killing spree has gripped the Northwest, showing a strange connection that only he sees, and now the old rules of justice no longer apply. Forced to turn rogue, he goes deep undercover to track his mysterious female suspect to a quiet, unassuming café in the wild, isolated mountains of Beartooth, Montana. But encountering Callie Westfield complicates his mission in ways he never expected. As suspicious as she seems, her fragile beauty and sexy charm get to Rourke. Then the gory crimes begin anew. With his heart suddenly at war with his instincts, he has only two options. Either turn Callie over to the law, or put everything—including his badge and his life—on the line to protect her.
DELIVERANCE AT CARDWELL RANCH, Cardwell Cousins, Harlequin Intrigue, Nov 2014  ~Austin Cardwell finds his way to Montana only to come across a wreck in the middle of the icy highway. The woman driver doesn't know who she is -- nor does she know why there is a carseat and a baby bottle in the vehicle she is driving. Austin gets her to the hospital, but when her "husband" comes to the hospital to get her, he suspects the man is anything but a loving husband.

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