Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Son the Cover Model

Is this just about the cutest cover you've ever seen? I think so. But then, I might be biased. Not only did I write this book (in stores everywhere right now), but the photo below is a picture of my oldest son. Is it no wonder I let out a squee when I saw the cover for Priceless Newborn Prince?


  1. Ann, that is amazing! Whoa!

    And I love the cover, too (even if he didn't look exactly like your son, who is absolutely adorable) Congrats on making the Border bestseller list! Another winner...can't wait to read it.

  2. Thanks, Alex and Kathy!

    I tell you, when I first saw this cover, I could have sworn Harlequin stole a baby picture of my son. I'm still not convinced they didn't. ;)

  3. Thanks, Shari!

    I'm thinking I must have a pic of my son here in that wide-eyed wiggly stage, like the prince. Hmm.

    Is it just me, or do all parents have oodles of pictures of their first born and only a few of the second? Poor second children.

    Disclaimer: I am a second child. ;)

  4. Heh. Try having FIVE kids. First kid: Detailed baby book...until second kid arrived. Second kid: Have no idea if I did a baby book. Third kid: Had calendar with stickers, yep. Fourth...fifth...nada.

    Always a few pics as newborns/toddlers. Then I learned to be very grateful for the school photos every year!

    (Great covers, BTW. All of them. Wow.)

  5. Thanks, wstridgerunner! That was my both little princes.

    LOL, Karen! I can't even imagine having 5 kids. You deserve combat pay.

  6. Thanks, Estella. He's not a baby any longer, though. At least the one in the lower picture isn't. ;) Now he's a very cute school-age kid.

    When he was born (and his younger brother, too) people always told me time would fly when they were little. And I see now that it was no exaggeration!

  7. I saw that book at the store. I picked it up just because of the squeezable baby face on the cover.

  8. Aww, how cute. Love the cover.

  9. Thanks for buying the book, Jill! If I didn't have a box of them here, I'd buy one too. Just for the cover! ;)

    Thanks, Jane. Were the cover gods smiling at me or what?

  10. How adorable, Ann! Congrats on the AWESOME cover!

  11. He is so cute! You couldn't ask for a better book cover!

  12. love the cover and the one of your little angel.

    ive got the book on ordered from our local library.

    cant wait to read it.


  13. That cover just draws you in with it's cuteness. Loved the picture of your son also.

  14. Thanks, Lexi and Virginia! I think it's my favorite cover ever, for many reasons!

    I hope you like the book, Patsy!

    Thanks, Connie! I don't think I could resist this cover even if it wasn't on my book, for obvious reasons. ;)