Monday, January 23, 2012

Networking-Deadline Style

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Hey, gang--I'm scheduled to blog today. But since the deadline on my next Precinct: Task Force book got moved up, the deadline is also TODAY! So forgive me if you've seen this blog post on my Facebook page, but I'm recycling (saving my fingers and brain cells to type the end of this book and get it out!)

Last weekend we had a retreat for my local writers' group, the Prairieland Romance Writers ( I had some writing time, some fun time, but mostly it was about networking.
At any rate, have a little fun with this list and see if it gives you any insight into how a writer's mind works. ..
This year the Prairieland Romance Writers is celebrating its 20th anniversary! (And none of us have aged a day) As a fun way to commemorate the event, we're going to post a list each month. Some will be silly, others more serious. But they'll give you an idea of the depth and variety of talent within our writers organization. Enjoy!

20 Topics Discussed at the PRW 2012 Annual Retreat:

1. Book Reviews--the Good, the Bad and the Huh?
2. Stealing copper pipes
3. Social networking--how to do it, various platforms, what readers want when
interacting with authors, and where to get the best return for the investment
of time and energy involved.
4. Swearing and/or throwing things as a stress reliever
5. Roundtable topics for PRW meetings throughout 2012
6. Need to update PRW's Policy & Procedure Manual
7. How to celebrate PRW's 20th anniversary
8. Incredible announcements
9. Monthly goals
10. Writing plans and career road maps
11. Candy corn pumpkins
12. Unique pizza rolls
13. Longest and shortest rejection times for proposal or manuscript submissions
14. What makes us feel successful as a writer (and it's not the same for every
15. Our favorite wine
16. Our favorite chocolate
17. Rapid changes in the publishing market
18. Our kids, spouses and parents
19.Time management (productivity tips and tricks that work--or don't)
20. The benefits of networking at the annual retreat

So what's an interesting/fun discussion you've had recently? What did you learn from it? Or was it just about sharing time with a friend or loved one? I'll give away a copy of my current release, ICE LAKE, to a lucky poster who leaves a comment or ask a question. 

Julie Miller 

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  1. I always enjoy time with my sister, even when she gets on my nerves. She has this sarcastic side to her that most people do not understand. We will talk about anything... things that bug us, a movie or TV show, something we saw on the news or out and about... no matter what we are filling our time with it is always enjoyable. Happy Writing!

  2. I talked to my cousin last night and we started discussing Joe Paterno and if we would have called the police if we learned of some abuse allegations.

  3. And the winner is... Tammy Y2!

    You and Maggie must be forming an online bond. ;) She nosed your name out of the pile and selected you as the winner of the ICE LAKE anthology I'm in the BJ Daniels and Delores Fossen.

    Just email me your snail mail addy, and I'll get the book in the mail to you ASAP!


    And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

    (btw, be sure to check out today's Intrigue blog and meet and welcome Robin Perini, one of our newest Intrigue authors!)

    Julie Miller