Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When David and I first started writing we had two matching typewriters. We had no money to buy a desk, so we used an old ping-pong table that we'd bought at a garage sale. The net divided his half of the "desk" from mine.

A typewriter never caught a virus, and what you typed, well, that's what you got.

Now we work on computers. What you type could turn into a million little symbols that no one except another computer can read. However, they're more fun.

With that in mind, I'm opening the floor to suggestions. Please go to our web page and take a look. Overall, what's your impression? More "us" photos? Less? And under "Friends" you'll meet some other authors we've come to know. But the intial page where you actually click on the name needs work. What would you put on the blank section? Their photos? Panoramic vista of NM or something  like the bear fetish on this post?

(The bear, like it is with the hero of our new book Power of the Raven) is David's fetish. Mine- raven.)

I really would welcome your feedback. We've been working on the web page for months, and I don't think it's there yet!

oh-- the URL is aimeeanddavidthurlo.com

Thanks, guys!

Aimée Thurlo

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