Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Ever read the Dr. Suess book by the title of this post? I’m a big fan of the rhyming stories that all had a story to tell and a moral to teach. But this one makes me think of the places I’ve been and the places still on my bucket list.

I’ve visited a majority of the contiguous United States, Mexico and Canada. As a  member of the US Army Reserves and the US. Air Force Reserves, I spent time in Virgina, Indiana, Utah, Georgia, New York and even better…Germany four times! Visiting all of these places were fun,exciting and gave me a chance to meet interesting people. On my own dime, I’ve traveled to Hawaii, Guam, Australia, New Zealand, London, Rome, Venice and Pisa. And I’m not done yet.

I’ve incorporated some of the places I’ve lived and visited in my writing. Can’t wait to do even more. In Haunted, I chose Texas as my setting. I've lived a total of twenty years in the Lone Star state. If you've never been, put it on your bucket list. It's worth the trip.

Hard-hitting investigative reporter, Cecilia Lovelace has forgone love to focus on her career. The same accident that takes the lives of a boy and his mother, places Cecilia's body in a coma while her spirit is free to roam. The boy who died asks her to deliver a message to his father, the only living man who can see and hear her. Cecilia's first love.
Zachary Alston is consumed with grief over the loss of his five-year-old son. Duped by his ex-wife, dumped by his first love, and distrustful of women, he's hesitant to believe Cecilia when she insists she has a message from his dead son. Even more unbelievable is that she's a ghost.

Together, they learn the accident was deliberate and meant for Zachary. In their search for those responsible, they fall victim to the killer and to their own burgeoning love.


  1. Having a family history in TEXAS since 1756, I can second your statement Elle that the Lone Star State is a place to see. There's a bit of everything here.

    And I love both titles: Dr. Suess' and HAUNTED.

  2. Thanks Angi! I miss living in Texas. Especially the Mexican food!

  3. I agree that Texas is a great place to live and visit as I have lived here my entire life. This books sounds very interesting and I will have to check it out.