Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What is it about cowboys and babies that always touches the heart? I gave that a lot of thought when planning the Big D Dads series.  There's just something about a tiny infant in the arms of rugged, virile man that absolutely makes me swoon.  So when Damien Lambert finds an injured woman stranded in a snowstorm on a snowy night, he immediately comes to her rescue. And that's the beginning of an intensely suspenseful story where Damien has to put aside his own concerns to keep the woman and the child safe. So meet the Lamberts, especially Damien, as he finds himself while losing his heart to a woman on the run and the tiny infant she cradles in her arms. 


  1. Sounds awesome, love me some cowboys and babies!!!

  2. And this is a new kind of Texas family. Hope you like it.

  3. A new kind of Texas family - sounds 'intriguing'. sorry for the really bad pun.

    How many books planned for the Big D Dads?


  4. It's going to be an ongoing series that will center on different ranching families in the Dallas area
    who will interact in the various books. The first three books are about the Lambert family.

  5. Glad to hear there will be other stories coming in this series. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the other brothers getting their own stories. Will we keep seeing the baby in their books also?