Friday, June 8, 2012


Who would ever have thought authors could have the abundance of riches available to us in this amazing new publishing climate?  

My short story, HOT NOTE, is part of Thriller 3: LOVE IS MURDER, published by Mira and released last week—anthologies being just one choice authors can make for our work.


The last year and a half has been amazing. Opportunities in indie publishing have given many of us the opportunity to bring backlist novels that have been out of print for years to our readers.


The three books in my QUID PRO QUO series (the first romantic suspense series ever published by Intrigue) is available again as digital backlist published by me.

PUSHED TO THE LIMIT, SQUARING ACCOUNTS and NO HOLDS BARRED were early romantic thrillers with an over-arching revenge plot by a master criminal.

We also have been given the opportunity to publish novels that straddle too many lines for legacy publishing.

SKIN, my indie erotic thriller, has been available only at Amazon and Createspace, but this weekend, it will be available in other digital formats at and

And if we don’t want to go the indie route, there are new opportunities to publish digitally with both independent and legacy publishers.

HOT TRICK (same major characters in HOT NOTE) is available from Carina Press in digital formats.

I’m currently writing BORN TO BE WILD for DEAD SEXY, the new romantic suspense line for Entangled Publishing, a line that will launch next week

And then there are still—and hopefully always will be—traditional publishers for our stories, whether novels or shorts.

PUREBRED is my latest Intrigue.

With my fingers in every pie I can juggle, I’m looking forward to future riches via new opportunities and wish the same for every author out there.

Of all the opportunities you now have AS READERS, what excites you the most?

Good reading,



  1. I still prefer the traditional way of publishing. I like Print books though I am excited for authors to be able to pub older books so readers can collect all of an author's works.
    I am still leery of publishers that are just now coming on scene only because I don't know how they choose their authors and if the books are really any good. With Harlequin I know I'm getting a good book and I trust them with this. But again, for an author to expand - it is great.


  2. Marcie --

    I still prefer reading traditional books myself. I bought a Kindle when I decided to put up some backlist, so I could look at it and other books. At the time, it was perfect for me, because I was having terrible trouble with my eyes -- I had early cataracts that suddenly got bad. The Kindle-- or making things much bigger on my computer -- was the only way I could read for about 6 months. Surgery took care of the cataracts, but I still read an occasional book on my Kindle because it's so convenient to throw in my purse.

    About whether or not you like the writing -- the plus is that you're able to read samples of the author's work -before- you buy. So you can at least see if you like the author's style and characters and the premise for the story. The samples are usually quite substantial, enough to know if you want to buy. Also, indie authors are putting up backlist at quite low prices for the most part. And sometimes they do promos, offering a book free for a limited time in hopes of finding new readers.

    Good reading!