Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It really is true. Too much of a good thing is rarely as interesting as testing new waters, something I frequently do if for no other reason than to amuse myself. Lately, I’ve been testing the waters a lot!

Tomorrow, the first issue of WHISPERS FROM THE VOID is going to launch with a spectacular party at Neff of Chicago in the Merchandise Mart. I’m one of the four developer/authors. We are quite an unusual team — we are Team Monster. 

Each author developed one of the major characters. I’m Callie, the vampire fashionista who has lived so long that she’s bored by life and has a decidedly flippant attitude. At least it seems that way... The other main characters are a ghost, a flesh construct and a mad scientist. What the creator started as a horror comic book, Team Monster quickly turned into sort of a supernatural Charlies Angels, with Idonia, the mad scientist who once worked for Hitler, as the leader.

Team Monster sits together and plots the entire 22 page comic book, scene by scene. Then we split the work into fourths and go away and write. We put the four quarters together and everyone reads for possible changes, especially in the characters we each developed. Then we sit together again and work out the revision, go away again and rewrite our own work.

Whispers from the Void will be distributed not only by Diamond Distributors, but by Ingrams. And we’ll be sold by both in paper and digital.

More variety...

I love creating bookcovers for myself and for other authors.


I tried different versions of covers for See Me in Your Dreams, Tell Me No Lies and Touch Me in the Dark — the first three books in The McKenna Legacy series. 

Yes, they are back. And I think the new covers work nicely. (My attempt at being an artist! Don’t tell anyone, but I can’t draw...)

And even more variety...

For years I wrote with a partner under various pseudonyms. We’re back, as well, now writing as Lynn Patrick again for Harlequin Heartwarming. My partner Linda and I are known for romantic comedy, often with a lighter suspense element.


And to make life sweeter, Lynn Patrick’s backlist is being released by Samhain Publishing as part of their Retro Romance line. They released The Mermaid’s Touch last January, and now have the next 7 books lined up between this month and next July, starting with The Perfect Affair.


More new stuff coming next month :)


What do you do to keep your life fresh and interesting? Anything wild you can talk about? One commenter with the wildest story will win a copy of the first issue of WHISPERS FROM THE VOID.



  1. I had enough wild & 'interesting' in my younger days to last me a lifetime. These days I prefer mellow and satisfying.

  2. I had to laugh at that, Marybelle. I get my wild and interesting these days in the worlds I create in my head :)

  3. Wow, you have a lot going on. The comic book project sounds like fun. (But then most things that sound like fun turn out to be work when you actually have to buckle down and produce.) And yes, I like your new covers.

  4. Marybelle, I completely agree. In my younger days I liked Wild and "interesting" These days I also want mellow and satisfying.

    Hi Patricia - Love your books and your new covers too.

  5. Hum, are we all getting complacent?

    Glad you like my covers.

  6. Nothing really interesting- I like to read different genres of books.

  7. About the wildest thing I do is go to the casino a couple of times a month with my sister. For me that's pretty wild. Sometimes I win some, sometimes I lose.

  8. Linda -- Congratulations, you've won a copy of the first issue of Whispers from the Void. Please email me with your mail info at

  9. Thank you so much. I'll send you an email.