Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joys and Challenges of Writing

With the publishing of my fiftieth book at the end of last year, I surpassed a number I would never have dreamed of reaching when my first book was published back in 1994. With that first book, Deep in the Bayou, I started on a journey that has been both joyous and challenging.

The joy list is many. First there was the huge thrill of seeing my words in print for the first time. It was a moment I’ll never forget. An ongoing benefit is the number of new friends I’ve made in the publishing world. I’ve actually been with the same editor ever since my third book, and I owe much of my success to her editorial input and her faith in my ability to touch the readers with my stories. And I’ve met countless writers, most of which have been both encouraging and helpful and many of whom have become great friends. It constantly amazes me how supportive other writers are and that definitely includes Intrigue writers.  And one of the most rewarding aspects of writing is my contact with readers. I can’t imagine that there are more loyal readers than those who follow and continue to buy our Intrigues even in these bad economic times. Thank you. You make this possible and worthwhile.

As for the challenges, well those are far too many to go into here. But let me say that the biggest challenge for me is sitting still long enough to write.  Yep, I’m one of those people who love life and want to do everything—travel, play golf, hike, go to lunch with girlfriends, cook, decorate, read and most of all to spend time with family. My grandsons are the light of my life.

So on to writing and working on the next book in the Big D Dad series. Love those cowboys!


  1. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraSeptember 13, 2012 at 10:02 PM

    Congrats on your 50th book last year! I will have to check out the Big D Dad series

  2. Joanna, congrats on your 50th book. I loved the first two books in you Big D Dad series and can't wait to read number three coming out in November.

  3. 50+ books since 1994; you must have sat still at some point. Very well done!!