Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Treats

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!!! We had a lot of fun. I asked for advice on my FB page on how to make the turkey. Boy those ladies on FB know how to cook! I ended up combining different advice, brined the turkey the night before then used herbs to season it. It turned out amazing. Not dry at all. I just recycled the last of it into some delicious turkey soup. What did you cook?

Talking about FB... I'm giving away a book bag full of goodies on my page. If you have moment, would you pop over and like my author page? And click on the CONTEST link to enter to win!

Wishing you a wonderful week! --Dana


  1. Went to a friends home for Thanksgiving this year. I will be doing the turkey for Christmas. Glad your turkey came out the way you wanted it too. I love a moist turkey but if it drys out you always have gravy to help out. Thank you for the book contest.

  2. Ruth, good luck with the contest. And with cooking the Christmas turkey, too. I forgot to add that I also wrapped the whole bird in bacon :0)

  3. No Thanksgiving here, but I do cook a mean chicken.

    I do indeed like on FB, but *SOB* I'm not eligible.