Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spotlight on May Intrigues: Special Forces Father

Mallory Kane has another thrilling Delancey Dynasty tale in store for readers with Special Forces Father:


Special Forces operative Travis Delancey is glad to be back from a difficult mission. But his long-awaited homecoming turns into a nightmare when he hears that his college sweetheart Kate Chalmet gave birth to his son while he was away...and the child has been kidnapped. His skills are instrumental in rescuing the boy, but his reunion with Kate is a distraction.

Kate had her reasons for not telling Travis about his son, but now she must put her doubts aside. His strength and determination to save their child makes her realize he's different from the man he was before entering the military. Perhaps Travis is ready for a family...if he can forgive her. But she cannot get ahead of herself-first they have to save their son.

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  1. The baby is soooo cute!

    What's with the other comment?