Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Falcon's Run

It's finally July and time for our newest release -  Falcon's Run.  
This is my favorite Copper Canyon story so far. All the men featured in this special Southwestern series were troublemakers lost in the foster care system until a tribal medicine man stepped in and gave them a chance. They arrived at the reservation filled with anger, their natures jaded by the world they'd lived in - one of broken promises and lies.
Then, under the guidance of Hosteen (Mister) Silver, a remarkable man who sets out to help them find their true selves, they mature into men to be reckoned with, each as different from the others as they can be. 
Honoring them as individuals, their foster father, a medicine man, gives each a special animal fetish, one that matches their personality and, according to Navajo beliefs, will enhance their innate abilities.
Falcon's Run continues the legacy of the men of Copper Canyon. Detective Preston Bowman, the hero of Falcon's Run, lives for his job and dislikes attachments of any kind. Preston's the loner who has always stood apart, even among his foster brothers at Copper Canyon. His spiritual guide is Falcon. Falcon symbolizes harmony and the value of hard work. Since Falcon hunts close to the ground, he sees what others might miss.
Abby Langdon sacrificed everything to open Sitting Tall Ranch, a place for kids facing tough times. It was her way of honoring her sister, who passed away at a young age after a long illness. 
When Abby's trusted ranch hand is murdered on the premises, she finds herself the target of vicious attacks meant to force her to close the ranch for good. Abby's a fighter, but this is one battle she can't win alone.
With Falcon as an ally, Preston sets out to restore the balance between good and evil so that all may walk in beauty again.
Romantic Times Reviews said, "With the deft hand of a seasoned professional, Thurlo sprinkles Navajo tradition throughout the ongoing search for a murderer and art thief in this compelling story."
Falcon's Run is the story of a man out to protect the woman he loves and help her keep her dream -  a ranch whose sole purpose is to brighten the lives of children facing their own challenges.  
This is a story filled with action, and drama, and intrigue. I hope you'll join us on this exciting ride through Copper Canyon.
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Also, for those of you who like to have a sneak peek, here is an excerpt of Falcon's Run--
I hope you'll enjoy our latest story, Falcon's Run.


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