Sunday, September 29, 2013

TRAP, SECURE by Carol Ericson

An injured woman's only hope of figuring out who she is relies upon a CIA Agent in Carol Ericson's Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged miniseries. 

The last thing Miranda Lewis remembers is being shot…then tumbling over the balcony. When a sexy, blue-eyed stranger finds her, she has no memory of who she is or what she's doing in the jungles of Colombia.  

Gage Booker risked his life in the raid on the compound, only to discover his quarry gone and an injured woman left for dead, a woman the covert operative would be a fool to trust. But her amnesia seems real—and so does the passion exploding between them. 

2 books for the price of 1! NAVY SEAL SECURITY also included in this book!

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ISBN: 9780373697175 (#1450)

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