Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Lowdown with Janie Crouch


For this life-long reader, the release of my first book was a dream come true

Hello Romantic Suspense Readers!

Primal Instinct, my debut novel with Harlequin Intrigue released this month in stores and online everywhere. Although Primal Instinct will continue to be available online, due to the nature of category romance, it will only be available in stores for a couple more weeks. So if you see one at Walmart, or Barnes & Noble, or any number of misc. stores across the country -- pick one up for a friend or snap a picture with it and send it to me. I'm making a collection! Soon it will be time for the May Intrigue books to take it's place.

Of course, you can always buy it at my website, a great option especially if you're looking for an autographed copy. :-)

On April 3, we had a fabulous book release party in Virginia Beach, VA -- my hometown. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with my family and friends! I am so thankful to my parents and hubby for realizing that a first book only ever happens once and going through the trouble and expense to put together this wonderful event.


Primal Instinct continues to get rave reviews -- including a TOP PICK from Romantic Times magazine. Harlequin Junkie gave it the coveted "HJ Recommends" banner. called it a "fantastic story".  All in all, I've been thrilled with the reviews.

The question I'm most commonly asked? Will I be writing the stories of Adrienne's sisters mentioned in Primal Instinct, (each with special abilities of their own)? The answer: YES! I am working with Intrigue to see when we can fit that into the publication schedule.

But I do know the Primal Instinct follow-ups will be after the release of my four-book Intrigue series about siblings who work at OMEGA Sector -- a covert, interagency taskforce, made up of the most elite agents our country has to offer. Those will release in December 2014, and January, May and June 2015. I'm deep in the writing cave working on them. Two stories down, two left to go!

I was featured as Harlequin's DEBUT AUTHOR OF THE MONTH on their website. Check it out here. I answered questions about how long it took my first book to sell and when I knew I wanted to become a writer.

I so appreciate your enthusiasm and support as I've entered this whirlwind journey into publication. Thank you for signing up for this newsletter and for liking my facebook page. Your encouragement means so much and I am grateful.

Next newsletter this fall when I have solid release dates and more to report!

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires :-),

Some fun pics of Primal Instinct readers/friends sent to me from Indiana, Georgia, Nevada, and Florida, respectively. (None staged, of course, lol):

Feel free to send me yours:

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  1. How fun! I love the "candid" shots of readers with your book. ;) Congratulations on the debut release!!