Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WE ASKED INTRIGUE AUTHORS there an object on or near your desk that you see while writing?

THE BODYGUARD, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014  

When I'm writing, the main thing I see is my "ego wall" directly in front of me. Don't get the wrong idea. I, like most authors I know, suffer horribly from lack of confidence and extreme self-doubt. That's exactly why I put my book covers, my books, and awards on that wall. When I'm stuck and thinking everything I write is horrible, I can see that wall and be reminded that I have succeeded in the past and if I work hard and keep going I can do it again. That wall is my confidence booster. Plus, it's just plain fun to look at my book covers. :)  
HUNTED, Harlequin MIRA, January 2014 

This is what I see from my desk while I'm working...the gorgeous poster MIRA created for HUNTED, my debut suspense novel.  It definitely keeps me motivated!! 

THE WITCH'S DESIRE, Harlequin Nocturn, May 2014

On my desk is my passport. I'm leaving it there to remind me I have to renew it soon or it'll expire. Inside it is all the stamps from the countries I've visited over the past 10 years. Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy and the Virgin Islands. I love visiting other countries and want to incorporate some of those locales in my writing so that others can experience, albeit vicariously, some of those wonderful places. While reading you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to visit places you've always wanted to see. Your mind fills in the blanks and you escape, no matter where.

I find that my bucket list is comprised primarily of places I want to see before I die. What about you?

SANCTUARY IN CHEF VOLEUR, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2014

Actually, the 'object' I see while I'm writing is this lovely warming cushion that follows me wherever I go. 

His name is Smoke Monster. I thought, a year ago, when I got him at 3 weeks old, that I'd name him Smoke Monster and call him Smokie. Um, no. He's Monster. The name fits. Trust me. 

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, Harlequin Intrigue, Feb 2014

I do most of my writing on my sun porch, in an ergonomically incorrect chair with my laptop computer resting on my folded legs. While this plays havoc with my lower back, I do have a lovely view outside of my window. Most of the time, that is. Right now the garden that I overlook is brown and damp and the tree that anchors that garden is bare to the bones. But in just a matter of weeks, the flowering crab tree will be amazing, with delicate pink buds. When that happens, I will spend entirely too much time tree-gazing and not nearly enough time writing. I promise I'll share a picture when it's in full bloom!   

NAVY SEAL SURRENDER, Texas Family Reckoning Book 1, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2014

Most of the time that I'm writing, I'm on the couch looking out the window and watching our two pups: Texas & Roxie along with a foster. But occasionally I sit at my desk to work. I have a poster of the ocean that says: BREATHE. There are lots of writing incentives, copies of my books and covers to remind me that dreams come true. Wind chimes hang from the ceiling, there are pictures I've taken from traveling and lots of priceless objects that friends have given me. 

BOUND BY SECRETS, Montgomery Justice Series - Gabe’s Story, Montlake Romance, Summer 2014 
I wish I had something amazingly inspirational that I look at while I’m writing…but…the truth is, I’m pretty boring. I have a few fun items above my computer, but actually, I really have to stand up and want to look at them. Below the fun items are my reference books, dictionary, thesaurus, etc. But the MOST important item is the white board to the right. My plotting board. Those little post-its are the scenes of my book…and that’s what I tend to do at the computer…write. No distractions, no window, the occasional music (without words)… and me hunkered down. Unless the internet distracts me, and then I use a fun little program called Freedom that cuts me off from the web. Like I said, pretty boring. 

RAVEN'S HOLLOW, Harlequin Intrigue, February 2014

Through the window in front of my desk, I can see the summit of the Malahat, which is an incredibly beautiful stretch of our up-island highway.  The road was carved through deep rock and spectacular walls of that rock rise up on both sides as you make the climb.  People come from all over the world to take a drive on our truly amazing Hat.

Do you have something you look at every day?


  1. What a wonderful post thank you.

    I look out at my back garden each day as I hang out the washing. It gives me peace.

    1. I remember hanging laundry with my grandmother. I always loved it. I have a friend who always hangs her sheets outside. She says there's just something about the smell of sunshine...

  2. I enjoy looking at my Horse calendar everyday... also have some of my little nephew's art work around my desk! :)

    1. I love children's art !! Horses aren't bad either !

  3. I love seeing everyone's objects! Jenna, that view is gorgeous - it looks simultaneously distracting and motivating!

  4. Lena, I meant to tell you that I think your writing space is too dang neat. It makes me feel inferior.