Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnant heroine on the cover.. taboo or okay?

SPY HARD is coming next week! I'm so excited about this book. (available for pre-order now on amazon). I've written pregnant heroines before, but I think it's the first time I got one on the cover. What do you think? I hope it won't offend readers. Which wouldn't even have ever occurred to me, but apparently there's this taboo about pregnant women in public that is still alive and well in certain parts of the country? We had a neighbor once who was a QVC shopping channel model. When she got pregnant, they just stopped asking her to come in. Not even to model rings on her hands etc. Apparently, they got a ton of phone calls from people who were offended by the fact that she was modeling while pregnant. Mind you she was modeling shoes and jewelry and holding up kitchen items, etc. It wasn't like she was modeling negligee.

Personally, I think being pregnant is fantastic. :-) I don't even mind moms breastfeeding in public if it's done discreetly. I can certainly turn my head. Although, I think the Time magazine cover last week was waaaay strange.

What do you think? Honestly, if I had to pick one thing I'd rather not see in public, it would be guys with their pants hanging down and their underwear showing. :-) Hopefully, I'll never get one of those for my cover!

Anyway... back to books. Do you ever do online reviews? I'm giving out review copies on my personal blog today. Pop in if you're interested.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! --Dana


  1. A lot of the Home and Hearth lines from Harlequin feature pregnant heroines so it doesn't bother me. For an Intrigue, I would think what would be offensive would be if the cover showed her in mortal danger. But your cover shows the hero in protective mode.

    No, I don't do online reviews. Darn. I've done some on Amazon but feel awkward writing them.


  2. I find it (no pun intended) very intriguing. I'd probably pick it up just because of the difference. That is, if I wouldn't have already picked it up because I enjoy your books!

  3. I have no problem with pregnant ladies on the cover. If she's preggers in the book, it makes sense. And it certainly seems to put the hero into protective overdrive!

  4. :-) Thank you, Colleen!!! I feel the same about your books. I'm reading The Night Holds the Moon right now and can't put it down.

    Marcie--I definitely do like the hero. In fact, I think they should have put him more front and center on the cover ;-)

  5. LOL!!!! I can't imagine a hero on the cover with his underwear showing above the top of his pants.

    I'm really surprised to hear there are people who are offended by seeing pregnant women on TV or on book covers. Very strange. I guess there are a lot of people who have very bizarre hang-ups about sex, because that's what it is - a reminder that this woman has had sex.

    I remember the first time I saw a pregnant woman's belly. It was when Demi Moore was on the cover of a magazine, naked and pregnant. It was surprising but not offensive to me. I think your cover is gorgeous, and I hope readers will love it! SPY HARD is a fabulous title, too!

  6. Gina Scott RobertsMay 25, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    This cover tells the browser something about the story contained within, it promotes nothing offensive--what could be offensive about a man so obviously protecting a pregnant woman? A condition that intriniscally makes her vulnerable?

    I have seen other covers showing pregnant women and have never found it offensive.

    Pregnancy is a part of life and, hopefully, the result of romance so how could it be out of place or offensive here?

    If people don't like it, then do as you propose for breast feeding--look away.

    BTW, your comment there reminded me of something my father once said about breast feeding in public--a real man wouldn't look. Well a woman shouldn't be offended by something she herself has been genetically engineered to do!

  7. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceMay 25, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    I like the cover and don't find it offensive. I can't believe people called in and complained about your neighbor modeling while pregnant. I have seen other Intrigues with pregnant heroines on the cover and agree with everyone else it gives a protective overdrive to the heros.