Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spotlight on July Intrigues: Bear Claw Lawman

It's time for another adventure in the Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab in Jessica Andersen's Bear Claw Lawman:

When DEA agent Nick Lang came to town, even the toughest cases got closed. But his latest had become way too personal. He'd thought CSI Jennifer Prynne was just another no-strings fling, until a serial killer's attack left her battered, bruised and struggling to remember her past. Now, as the key to the entire case they'd been investigating for months, Jenn's safety became Nick's responsibility. He knew the murderer's identity was buried deep in Jenn's mind, but releasing it was dangerous—yet necessary. The old Nick was an expert at getting answers and moving on. But his heart told him this was one case he couldn't walk away from.…


  1. i just love this seriers thanks your fan reader tammy

  2. Jessica's Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab series is great. I love the chance to catch up with characters from her previous books and the mystery about who the criminal is always has me second guessing myself. Have this on my Kindle TBR.