Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spotlight on July Intrigues: The Spy Wore Spurs

Dana Marton takes readers to Texas in The Spy Wore Spurs:

Top secret commando soldier Ryder McKay is shot and left for dead in South Texas. But when he comes to in a bedroom on Grace Cordero's remote ranch, he realizes the beautiful former army medic did more than save his life. She risked her own. Not that he can tell her the whole truth about his mission. Ryder is sure dangerous thugs are using Grace's vast property to smuggle drugs, weapons—and people—across the border. But to prove it without blowing his cover, he has to let her ride shotgun on the investigation. And keeping his heart guarded against sexy, off-limits Grace will be the hardest part of all.


  1. Just bought this book at Walmart a couple of days ago but haven't read it yet because I have another book to finish first.

  2. wow sounds like another great one dana cant wait to read thank you