Monday, August 13, 2012

3 more weeks left of summer! Wow. Where did it go? Did you get any reading done? What did you read? I planned so much for this summer and haven't finished half. I still have some major landscaping to do. And I'd love to go down to the beach at least one more time. Do you have anything left on your summer To Do list? --Dana


  1. Dana, I'm with you about getting to the beach. Went there beginning of July but need a return trip before summer is over. Only have 1/4 of my summer reading done. Getting more done now that I was laid off at the end of July. Should get some gardening done too this month.

  2. Ruth, I still have gardening, too! Need to do something with my bumper crop of tomatoes. I better can some sauce. Have grown a ton of gourds for Halloween this year, but only two pumpkins. Oh, well. Still enough for pumpkin pie. :-)