Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carol's Winners from Monday

Congratulations to Susan and Lilsis!  Please send me an email at with your snail mail address and your book preference:  Obsession, Eyewitness, or Intuition.

I chose two winners this week since there were so many comments on the blog.  I LOVED hearing about everyone's pets.  You all really brightened my day. 

My husband emailed me some pictures that the breeder sent of the Mastiff puppies.  What do you think?  Will one of these little rats soon become part of our family?

Where Romance Flirts With Danger


  1. Choices! Choices! They are all so cute!

    1. Kaelee, this little guys are just two weeks old. Mastiffs come in apricot, brindle, and fawn. Dexter was a fawn, and that's what we prefer. The fawn puppies are still dark but they lighten up. Look at those chubby little bellies!

  2. How can you resist....they are adorable! And thank you for the book!

  3. How cute!
    Congrats to Susan & Lilsis!

  4. So cute and to think the grow so big. I like the fawn color too. If I had a bigger place I wouldn't mind having one.

    Congrats to Susan and Lilsis.