Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spotlight on January Intrigues: Standoff At Mustang Ridge

Join Delores Fossen for a Standoff At Mustang Ridge:


When Deputy Sheriff Royce McCall responds to a break-in at his family's cabin, he doesn't expect the intruder to be beautiful Sophie Conway-in her nightgown! The last time he saw her, she wasn't wearing much else, although the details of their New Year's Eve encounter are sketchy at best. Then she admits that not only has she become a killer's target, she also lied about carrying Royce's baby in order to escape an arranged marriage. With too many unanswered questions surrounding this woman he barely knows, Royce still vows to protect Sophie when the bullets start flying. But when the memories of their one-night stand become clearer, so does the fact that she may not be lying about being pregnant after all....


  1. I love the expressions on their faces! She looks worried and he looks very protective "You hurt her and I'm coming after you"!


  2. Thanks, MarcieR. You're so right about those expressions--I love them, too.