Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spotlight on May Intrigues: Explosive Attraction

Join Lena Diaz for the action-packed tale of a couple caught up in an
Explosive Attraction:


Detective Rafe Morgan knew that, as a psychologist, Darby Steele was used to people coming to her in need. But now she was the one in danger. A serial killer had made her a pawn in a sick game, sending her photos of his targets with clocks counting down. As a part-time bomb technician, Rafe was uniquely capable of keeping Darby safe. Usually psychologists rubbed Rafe the wrong way, but when it came to Darby, his urge to protect and serve went way beyond the badge. Getting to know the beautiful doctor had opened Rafe's eyes-and his heart. But if their elusive bomber had his way, Rafe would never get a chance to prove just how far he'd go to keep Darby alive.


  1. A new release is always so much fun! I hope readers love this one as much as I loved writing it. Constant action, never a pause to draw a breath in this all-out-chase story. My favorite kind!

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