Saturday, December 7, 2013


The Precinct: Task Force

His star witness receives threats instead of Christmas cards in USA TODAY Bestselling Author Julie Miller's latest release

As the lone surviving victim who can put her attacker away in prison, heiress Bailey Austin becomes the key to the D.A.'s case against a notorious criminal. As lead detective, Spencer Montgomery must prep her for trial. But he becomes her personal protector when she starts receiving terrifying "gifts" meant to scare her away from testifying.

Spencer is a cop on the fast track to making captain one day, if he can keep his emotions in check. But as the stalker's threats escalate, he can't deny that Bailey has thawed his icy heart. Her courage touches him in ways no other woman has, and reminds him that she's more important to him than any investigation.

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December 2013

ISBN: 9780373697298 (#1462)


  1. I am loving this book......reading it now. Slower to get it done as I am also knitting gifts for Christmas and have really curtailed my reading time!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, Lilsis! I bet the handmade Christmas gifts will be wonderful!