Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Box Office Soars -- No Mystery Here

The big news at the movie houses this weekend was the amazing success of a film called 300. Now, I'm not one for violence and beheadings, and lately I've grown frustrated with docudramas that rehash old news.

Yet 300 blew me away. And not simply because of Gerard Butler's tight abs. ;-) Visually this movie, based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, was amazing. I was also pleasantly surprised by the strong heroine and her relationship with a powerful ruler. The story was a traditional one of good versus evil as the soldiers fought for freedom and honor against incredible odds.

The success of this movie proves to me how much we're drawn to strong, larger-than-life heroes who, by the way, make great romance heroes!

Who are some of your favorite heroes of books and movies?


Pat White


  1. 300 is on the violent side, but since it sort of had that graphic novel look/feel to it, it didn't bother me that much. I loved the movie!!

    My teenage son works at a theater and he raved about it and wanted to see it again--took his mom! (of course, his mom loves movies and buys the popcorn ;)

    Very heroic. And historically accurate in the sense that Spartan women were advanced for their time--unlike in Rome where they were viewed more as property, Spartan women had power. They could own property and be involved in politics.

    And I'm with you on the abs, Pat! A nice movie to look at.

    Julie Miller

  2. I've been wondering about seeing this one, so you two have convinced me to check it out. The visual appeal of the trailer captures my attention each time I see it...and...those abs aren't bad either!


  3. I've been wanting to see this film ever since I first saw the trailer. Violence in movies doesn't bother me. Sin City was great and I never met a slasher film I didn't love.