Friday, March 16, 2007

Love those heroes!

I love talking about Intrigue heroes. Why not? They’re the best!

At a chat this week, a reader asked me which actor I’d have play Zach Thomas in A Necessary Risk. I thought I had a set answer for this, because I know I had a specific actor in my mind when I started writing. (I always do. I’m one of “those” plotting board freaks who love lots of visuals.) Anyway, I realized I now can’t imagine anyone playing Zach other than…Zach.

All of my heroes become very real to me as I write. I’m sure we’re all the same way, otherwise the stories wouldn’t come to life, right? But there was something about Zach that really captured me. He’s scarred, emotionally-shuttered, determined to get revenge, yet finds himself sidetracked by the very woman he set out to use to unravel a mystery.

Ah. My favorite kind of guy. But I’ll shut up before I babble all day about Zach.

Joanna mentioned all the great Intrigues out this month. Personally, I can’t wait to dig in and savor every single story. I also have Amanda’s The Dollmaker set aside as my reward once I meet my current self-imposed deadline.

I must mention that I received the graphic this week for my June cover – book four in the Bodyguards Unlimited, Denver, Colorado series. (Joanna’s 24/7 is book one). I’ll insert the JPG here. I LOVE it. I just wish they’d stop using my picture on my covers. (Don’t I wish! LOL)

Happy weekend everyone! We’re watching the ice fall here in New Jersey. Yuck. Enough already. I’m ready for warmer days and lots of writing time on the beach.

Until next time – Happy Reading,


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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous cover! The woman reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones.