Monday, March 12, 2007

Realistic story lines

Hi, Kath, loved it that you're still putting away Christmas decorations. I still have some to put away, but for now they're tucked away upstairs in the extra guest room. Just hope I don't have two sets of company at once before I put them away.

Like you, I like to think my stories could happen and actually get many of my ideas right out of the morning newspaper.

But then 24/7 could have come off the TV as well. So if you're addicted to 24 like so many of us are, give the book 24/7 a look. The hero works for a high profile/high tech protection service, and the whole story takes place in seven days of non-stop action. But the bond between the hero and heroine stems from their past and a short but sensual love affair they've never recovered from. I love this hero!

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