Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Undertaking Betty

I will freely admit that I'm not always drawn to the typical romantic hero. Take The Holiday, for instance. Cameron Diaz switches houses with Kate Winslet and ends up with Jude Law. Kate gets Jack Black. My first thought? Boy, Kate got the better end of that deal (seriously).

So for those of you who like your romance a little on the quirky side, may I suggest Undertaking Betty?

Full disclosure: a large part of the appeal of this movie for me is my undying love and admiration for Christopher Walken (I mean, come on! Look at the guy's hair? What's not to love?). I also have a strange fascination for the funeral home business (don't ask). Nevertheless, the film revolves around a rather sweet (and sometimes hilarious) story of unrequited love.

Here is the Amazon

"Undertaking Betty" (also known as Plots with a View and/or Plotz with a View)revolves around the competitive world of undertaking in the Welsh countryside. One of the most respected names in the biz -- Plotz Funeral Homes -- is directed by Boris Plotz (Alfred Molina), whose youthful dreams consisted of two decidedly cheerier concepts than the embalming process: dancing and marrying his childhood crush, Betty Rhys-Jones (Brenda Blethyn). Unfortunately, the pressure to take over the family business became too much for Boris to resist, particularly after Betty, despite being secretly in love with Boris, was married off to a known gold digger. Both Betty and Boris' lives remain firmly status quo until the death of Betty's mother-in-law, whose funeral arrangements throw the unsatisfied couple back together. While the spark between Betty and Boris is reignited, rival funeral director Frank Featherbed (Christopher Walken) grows increasingly angry; the American funeral director desperately wants to revolutionize the U.K. undertaking business with his unique "theme" funerals. Ultimately, Boris and Betty resort to desperate measures -- since the only thing keeping him away from Betty is her two-timing husband, they decide to stage Betty's demise and elope somewhere far away from the death business."

I highly recommend you go watch this trailer now!

Amanda Stevens

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