Friday, June 15, 2007

Contest Time of Year?

I hope all our visitors here to the Intrigue Writers blog are taking the opportunity to enter our book giveaway contest. Be sure to check out the link above the authors list.

It seems a lot of people I know are running book contests now. The basket of Intrigues we're giving away here; my own summer book giveaway contest; my local chapter; book baskets at the RWA conference and more.

I know some readers are concerned about the rising cost of books--Intrigues have stayed the same for several years, btw--so taking a chance on getting the free gift is a definite boon to the wallet. It's a great way to check out new authors or to try authors you haven't had a chance to read yet. Sometimes, it's a way to get your hands on an out-of-print book, or one earlier in a series or by an author you now love that you missed that is now hard to find. Besides, winning stuff is just cool!

For the authors, certainly it's a way to draw readers to their site, to introduce themselves to new readers--and to clear a little space on our bookshelves!

From my own perspective, one of the first contest winners I ever had was a lovely woman who lives in North Carolina. After I sent her that first book, she and I started a correspondence that has lasted for several years. It's a thrill to me to see how much she appreciates books--we talk about more than my own books. Unfortunately, she's dealing with some health issues now, so even reading is difficult for her. But certainly that long-distance friendship came about as the result of a simple book giveaway. And I'm grateful.

What are some great books or authors or friendships or adventures you discovered through a contest or book giveaway?

Share your stories.

Julie Miller


  1. I discovered my new favorite author and friend through a contest, Zinnia Hope.

  2. That's terrific, Stacia!

    Julie Miller