Sunday, June 10, 2007

Precinct: Vice Squad covers

I just wanted to see my covers together side-by-side for my upcoming Intrigue mini-series, The Precinct: Vice Squad, featuring detectives Seth Cartwright and Cooper Bellamy. Cool! (Now if I could just figure out how to do that on my computer at home-vbg)

I love the heroes on both covers--love the fiery action on the first one, love the more subtly protective mood on the second one.

Okay, so the heroine's hand on UP AGAINST THE WALL looks a little distorted to me--almost like 5 fingers with no thumb. But that might be a perspective thing because of the huge man's ring she's wearing on her middle finger (that's key to the story!). I'm pleased to see Harlequin's art department got the details right. Cooper Bellamy, the hero in the second book, is completely bald! (with good reason) I'm so glad to see that cap on him.

For the most part, I think Intrigues have had some great covers lately--conveying clear moods that cover a wide range of suspense elements. Besides my own (I particularly love NINE-MONTH PROTECTOR), I've really liked Delores Fossen's UNDERCOVER DADDY (you can see it here on another post), the abs on the wet T-shirt hero on Paula Graves' FORBIDDEN TEMPTATION, the gorgeous regal princess on Rebecca York's ROYAL LOCKDOWN (it's here, too), the steamy sexual tension on Dana Marton's SECRET CONTRACT, the cowboy on Rita Herron's JUSTICE FOR A RANGER and more. Hopefully, the art department at Harlequin will continue to get things right.

What have been some favorite Intrigue covers of yours recently or over the years? And what do you like to see on a cover? What kind of cover makes you pick up a book off the shelves?

Julie Miller


  1. Great covers, Julie! I can see why you love them.

    Some of my favorite Intrigue covers are Elle James' Dakota Meltdown, Patricia Rosemoor's Triggered Response, Debra Webb's Raw Talent, Joanna Wayne's A Father's Duty, and your cover for Last Man Standing.

    Hmmm, I just realized most of favorites are hero only covers. ;)


  2. Oh yeah, I love Deb Webb's RAW TALENT cover--stripping off that shirt--tough guy, but yummy!

    In some ways I'm shallow (g)--I love those hero alone covers, too.

    Julie Miller

  3. I loved!!! your BEAST IN THE TOWER cover as well. Could be biased since I liked the hero so much. Couldn't he have a secret twin brother? Pleeeease???


  4. Ooh--Dr. Damon having a twin brother? I like that idea--sounds intriguing! Yeah, I liked that they got the eyepatch right on that cover. And the beard stubble. He looked smart and tough and mysterious--a great Intrigue hero!

    Julie Miller
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