Monday, June 25, 2007

Susan Kearney--Kiss Me Deadly

Hi Everyone,
I haven't written for Intrigue in a while but I hope you;ll be happy to know I'm still writing romantic suspense for Tor. KISS ME DEADLY will be out is stores this week. You can watch my book trailer at and/ or read an excert there, too.

Here's the blurb:

Mandy Newman won the biggest lottery in history...

She and her coworkers picked the right numbers, and hit the jackpot—and then someone stole the ticket.

Now Mandy's fellow winners are being murdered one by one—and an attempted drowning convinces Mandy she's next on the killer's hit list. She needs help to recover the ticket, and protection from the murderer—and she finds both, wrapped in the sexy form of DEA agent Zachary Taylor.

But Zack abandoned Mandy once before, so relying on him doesn't come easy. If she's going to trust him, he needs to start telling her the truth. Yet, she must do the same—since Mandy has a secret that could devastate them both. While on the run, Mandy and Zack struggle between sparking sensuality and latent distrust. But can they overcome the past as a killer attempts to destroy their future?

Susan Kearney

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  1. I've read all your other books and this one wil be finding its way on to my shelf sooner or later (when finances permit)as it sounds as if it will be as equally page turning as all those I've read so far :)

    I do hope you keep on writing great stories.