Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I can't help it! It's Christmas Eve and it's warm (ick!) but that's okay, and I've cooked a lot of candy and my nieces are cooking Christmas dinner and I didn't have to buy Christmas presents for anyone but the little kids and........


This year I found Grownup coloring books for the 6 year olds... okay not for them. For me. I bought 4 and there are only 2 six-year-olds. I've almost finished coloring the fairy tale one. I'm giving The Night Before Christmas to one of the girls, even though I really really wanted to keep it.

The place that has the coloring books also has paper dolls. Did I mention I'm a nut about paper? It's called Dover Publications, and I could live there!

Dover Sampler Homepage

If you like coloring, cutting, folding, stacking, tearing, touching, or drawing on paper, this is the place for you. The two coloring books were part of my Christmas gift to myself, but I'm thinking I need a birthday gift (December 30,) and a New Years gift and a Valentine's gift. I am rediscovering my love of coloring books this year.

I hope each and every one of you rediscover something that you love to do this Christmas. Any special rediscovered loves (of any kind) you want to share?

Mallory Kane


  1. Mallory, when I was growing up, we played cards and board games, especially Parcheesi, during the holidays. My husband isn't much of a card/game player, but I started playing Parcheesi with my kids and this year they requested Monopoly, so we'll be playing some of that this weekend. A new discovery for me is Guitar Hero - LOL. My kids finally got an Xbox last year, and they have to share the Guitar Hero game with Mom. I also bought the American Idol game for Xbox. My husband just rolls his eyes, but he's waiting for the "country music" Guitar Hero...

  2. Merry Christmas. I haven't left cookies for Santa since I was a kid, but maybe I'll leave some out tonight.

  3. We always play games as a family after Christmas dinner...Phase 10, Sequence, Dominos...all sorts of games that bring up good memories. My mom, who's 87m really gets into it. She's so competitive, it's funny--and she gets all bent out of shape whenever she loses. : )

  4. Merry Christmas! Coloring books are fun. I occasionally babysit for my neighbors, and sometimes the kids and I color together. I think you never get to old to enjoy things like that.

  5. The last year of my Father's life, he made me leave the Christmas tree, which I had made for him, up forever. Each time I asked him about taking it down, he would say "No. I think that Christmas should be celebrated all year long." He lived to be ninety, and the tree stayed up for 9 months that year. My brother has now confiscated the tree because he loves it so, and has so many wonderful memories connected with it. :-D BTW, You can get on the Dover list for free pages. Merry Christmas.

    Frances Drake

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  6. Thanks everybody for the special memories. Have a wonderful holiday!

    Mallory Kane

  7. Happy holidays, I also love to color, although it has been a while since I have colored. I think I pulled most of the coloring books and colors out of my sons room and took them to my sisters house for my for her grandchildren to play with.