Monday, December 1, 2008


I have a book coming out in December from Harlequin Intrigue called High School Reunion. Since it's an Intrigue, the tag line reads, naturally, Reunions can be deadly.

That tag line also fits my attitude about reunions. I swore years ago that I would never attend my high school reunion. The way I remember high school is a lot like the picture here. I was the geek, the bespectacled bookworm, the gawky late-bloomer.

So when I had the idea to send my heroine back to her home town for her ten-year reunion, naturally the first thing I thought of was killing somebody--figuratively of course! :grin:

My heroine Laurel became a forensic specialist with the FBI. An old friend tries to talk her into returning to her home town for her tenth year reunion. She refuses--until a snapshot from graduation night makes her think a student who supposedly committed suicide that night was actually murdered.

Laurel goes to the reunion, figures out what really happened, nearly gets herself killed in the process, and finds happily ever after with her high school crush, who's now the Police Chief of her home town.

As for me, I went to my ?th year reunion, had a much better time than I thought I would, renewed some friendships, and enjoyed a brief moment of celebrity because I write books. Oh, and didn't solve a single murder.

Oh, and didn't solve a single murder.

My friends are all over the map on their opinions of reunions. Some were the cheerleaders, who dated the football captain and were class favorites. Some were more painfully shy than I was, and that's saying something. But at my reunion, I discovered that I had a lot more friends in high school than I remembered having. Was I just too shy and self-absorbed to notice, or is looking backward different than looking forward? You know what they say about objects in the rear view mirror.

Bottom line--I'm glad I went to my high school reunion.

What about you guys? Anybody got a funny or horrific high school reunion story? Do you get hives at the very thought? Or was high school the best time ever?

Posted by Mallory Kane
Author of High School Reunion

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