Friday, February 6, 2009

Cool Deals at Eharlequin

Ann Voss Peterson mentioned free ebooks at eharlequin. Don't know if you'd downloaded yours yet, but there's still time. You don't have to choose, you get all 16 FREE.

Here are some more deals:

Get up to $6 off when you order Men in the Movies books. These are books "featuring sultry and sensual leading men." There are plenty of Intrigues, including my own March Intrigue, SECRET DELIVERY (pictured above). You can choose books about cowboys, men in uniform, dark heroes, family men or guys next door.

On Valentine's Day, eharl will be running a huge special, but for now,
they won't say what it is. Check the site on Feb. 14th for what should
be some great deals

Check out Free Book Friday where you can get a free book if you order two others.

Finally, don't forget the Books on a Budget page. There are some huge
bargains for both paperbacks and ebooks.


  1. I have 12 of the free books downloaded. Just don't seem to have enought time to do all I want.

  2. Estella, I know what you mean. There are some fantastic books on that list, but I have no idea when I'll get through them all. :(


  3. I went to the Harlequin site and ordered my books for this month and one of the books was your "Secret Delivery" (I already have "Expecting Trouble"). I also ordered Dana's "Desert Ice Daddy".

  4. I've downloaded all of them already.

  5. Ellen, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy Secret Delivery. :)

    Jane, that's smart because I don't know how much longer that offer will last. Sixteen free books is a great deal!