Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Titles! Don'tcha love 'em?

I stopped worrying about naming my Intrigues. I think my editor likes that job more than I do. Over the 12 books I've contracted with Intrigue, I think I've had three keep the titles I chose. Not that it's a bad thing! Here's how it's gone so far:

Shadows of the Moon changed to Beneath the Texas Moon
Dakota Burn changed to Dakota Meltdown (liked this one sooooo worked for the book)
Lakota Baby - Woohooo! It stayed the same!
Cowboy Sanctuary (Assigned as part of the series)
Blown Away - Woohoo! It stayed the same!
Trail of Terror changed to Alaskan Fantasy
Texas Rustler changed to Texas-Sized Secrets
Revenge of the Sea Bride changed to Under Suspicion, With Child
Nick of Time - Woohoo! It stayed the same!
Baby Bling (Assigned as part of the series)
Final Analysis changed to An Unexpected Clue
For Better or Worse changed to Operation XOXO

Now comes the time to choose my next title to be changed. Wanna help? It involves a woman with amnesia and a Texas cowboy assigned as her bodyguard. I'm sure it will change, but I'm completely blank! Help!


  1. I am really bad when it comes to naming things but how about "Texas Bodyguard" or The Amnesiac's Texas Bodyguard"? As you said they'll probably change it anyway.

  2. I don't know why I'm posting bc any ideas I have are bound to be stupid, but ...

    "Forgotten Danger" or "Remember Me Not" or "Protected Memories"

  3. Oh, Jo. I love protected memories. Very cool!

    Texas Forget Me Not's
    Safeguarding Memories
    Defending Memories