Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Random Things

Random Things about Yourself is a big thing on myspace and facebook these days, so let's play.

1) I've taken cooking classes in England and France, but I hate to cook
2) I'm terrified of big dogs
3) My favorite foods are duck and peanut butter (not together, LOL)
4) I like to go to the movies alone
5) A nightmare vacation for me would be a cruise
6) My favorite song (after all these years) is still Cold November Rain by Guns N' Roses
7) I think CNN's Anderson Cooper is hot
8) My favorite vacation spot is Scotland
9) Genealogy is my favorite hobby
10) Over the years, I've experienced life as a blond, brunette and redhead

Now, it's your turn. Tell me 10 random things about yourself.



  1. OK you asked for it

    1. I am 63 years old and proud of it
    2. I taught high school for 35 years
    3. I love to travel by car so I can stop whenever and wherever I want
    4. I am terrified of any dog after having rabies shots as a child
    5. I'm with you - a nightmare vacation would be a cruise
    6. I collect frog figurines
    7. I love red roses
    8. My favorite song is "This Land is My Land.." by Woodie Guthrie
    9. I have two brothers- one older, one younger
    10. If I could I would have shrimp for every meal.

  2. 1. I'm afraid of heights.
    2. I can't swim.
    3. I hate raisins, but love grapes.
    4. My favorite dessert is cheesecake.
    5. I love seafood.
    6. I can't bake.
    7. I like to read with the tv or radio on.
    8. I'm a night owl.
    9. I like mayo on my burger.
    10. I love cruises.

  3. 1. 66 years old
    2. retired
    3. grandmother
    4. I fear drowning
    5. love to cross stitch
    6. I'm a morning person
    7. I love seafood
    8. my favorite dessert is pumpkin cheesecake
    9. I love to garden
    10. My favorite flower is the Bearded Iris

  4. Ellen, 35 years of teaching??? Wow, you're my hero. That's fantastic.

    Yep, those rabies shots are HORRIBLE. We obviously have some things in common. :)


  5. Jane, I'm with you on the fear of heights. :)

    Estella, I love to cross stitch too. Very relaxing. Well, it is if I don't have to take out stitches because I've counted wrong. :(


  6. 1. love cats and dogs
    2. hate flying but got some drugs and went to England and Scotland and Ireland for month loved it.
    3. I love doing Genealogy period
    4. Belong to the National Society Daughters of the American Rev.
    5 I love WVU Go Mountaineers
    6. I love to Ice Skate
    7. Read A Great Romance Book.
    8. My Favorite song would be I give my Heart by John Berry.
    9. I love cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter fudge.
    10.i hate roller coaster

  7. I know I am late for this blog but just had to add my comment because all of us are so alike...
    1. I love blogging with my favorite authors
    2. I hate rasins, love grapes
    3. I'm 64
    4. Grandmother
    5 dislike little yipping dogs especially those that remind me of a rat.
    6. love movie musicals
    7. love to travel
    8. want a hot air ballon ride before I die
    9. love my husband
    10. have 4 kids