Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneaking into the Wrong Movie?

I have a confession to make. Last Saturday night, date night, the night reserved for a romantic dinner for two, a bottle Chardonnay, cracked crab, and maybe crème brulee for dessert, my husband and I sneaked into the kids movie, HOTEL FOR DOGS.

Why would a fairly intelligent couple (although that’s debatable if you ask my kids) spend their Saturday night in a theatre packed with fidgeting seven year olds? I mean, with all the brilliant, Oscar-nominated movies available to us, why did we pick a movie about dogs?

Because we wanted to laugh. We wanted to smile, hold hands, giggle, and yes, even tear up when we spotted the brilliant Border Collie that reminded us of our brilliant and beloved Bandit we lost years ago.

We wanted to be entertained. Interesting concept. I’m not trying to be a smart Alec, but quite frankly some movie choices are a bit depressing. I don’t need depressing, I need diverting, challenging, even enlightening. Although I didn’t get all of that from HOTEL FOR DOGS, I had a great time watching two orphans fight for those less fortunate than themselves—stray dogs. There was even a romance!

I chose to write romance to entertain and divert readers from things like our challenging economic situation. What kinds of things to you do to escape and recharge?

Speaking of escaping, Romantic Times called my February Intrigue, UNDERCOVER STRANGER, “…great escapist fiction.” Cool! The story, set in the Seattle area, has tons of action, adventure, mystery and, of course, romance!

What have you escaped into recently? Books? Movies? A little make believe with children? That’s the best.


Pat White


  1. Pat, I would go with you to a movie anytime. I love to laugh and feel an hour without laughter is a wasted hour. Of cource that means sometimes I have to manufacture a reason to laugh. Fortunately the students often provide a reason. Today I played doctor and patient with an autistic child. I was just wheeling past her(I broke my leg last week) when she was inviting the other child in to be the patient so she told me to come too. She took my blood pressure and checked out my heart and then told me I could walk. What a sweetie. Provided a few chuckles anyway. Fortunately she didn't insist that I walk. I have not mastered crutches so I am tied to a wheelchair.

  2. At least once a week, Thursday mornings we schedule "Toddler Time" at our library, helping them with their crafts and storytime books always makes me feel younger. My husband actually has 8- 14 year old kids come knocking on our front door asking if Jerry can come play! We have a little park with basketball hoops just down the road and he plays with the neighbor kids a lot. So we both are able to escape into a childrens world; for a small time anyway and we've decided.... it's good for the soul! :)

  3. I can totally understand watching a kids movie instead of some of the "adult" movies. I like to to laugh and can use an escape from reality. I read romance novels including your "Soldier Surrender". I haven't read "Undercover Stranger" yet.

  4. Connie,
    It's always amazing working with kids. I'm a substitute preschool teacher and I'm always amazing by how great I feel after a day of playtime with the kiddies. They are so pure and authentic... and creative! What fun!
    I'm sorry you broke your leg. BAH! Wishing you a quick mend.

  5. Ellen,
    Yes, escaping into childrens world is a wonderful escape. Your hubby should be honored that the kids ring the bell and ask him to come out and play.
    And Connie, my escape this weekend are movies, of course. THE INTERNATIONAL and perhaps MILK (gotta see the Oscar flicks before 2/22).

  6. Books for me, too. But I love offbeat and funny movies when I can find them.

  7. Oh, I can do you one better, Pat. The kids were off last Monday, so I went to see Mall Cop with them. I enjoyed it as much as they did. It was silly, but it had lots of funny moments and it was really warm-hearted. My husband and I want to see Slumdog Millionaire. We also saw Grand Torino, which wasn't a happy movie, but it did make you feel good.