Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweets, Sweeties, & Sweethearts

I saw these porcelain cupcakes in the store a couple of weeks ago and wanted to buy them, but thought twice. I mean, look at them. Don't they make you want to bake cupcakes and eat four or five? Ooops, my last post was "Hey Cupcake" and talking about food... but it is almost Valentine's Day which is centered around Sweets for the Sweethearts, Right?  I didn't buy the "fake" cupcakes and didn't run home and bake any either. But the picture is nice.
One of the hardest things about changing to a healthy life-style is giving up baking. You see, I love to cook, love to bake. I have my own chocolate-chip cookie recipe that is awesome (yes, I do say so!). I've given these cookies as graduation presents (upon request). They've sold at silent auctions for $40 a dozen. (Wow, that made me feel  So giving up baking is really hard.
Yesterday I made chocolate-chip cookies. Somewhere around 60 or so...for a bake sale 110 miles from here. The last batch, I kept for my sweetie (and me). We haven't had cookies in such a long time and it's nearly Valentine's so...a treat: HAPPY VALENTINE'S TIM!
Sugar is a no-no around here now. As my Intrigue buddy, Robin Perini says, "sugar is poison." (At least to us. Wonder if I could work that into a suspense...that's another topic.) But I can't help it. I LOVE sugar. (Psst...don't try to convince me to bake low-cal or with artificial's not the same.)

So my sweetie got Valentine sweets Sunday (and took the rest to his office--otherwise, I would be overdosing on sugar today). We plan on celebrating Wednesday...I don't know why whatever he's planning can't happen until Wednesday, but I was warned. And the nice man got me flowers Saturday--I think that had more to do with he was running errands and decided not to be late this year (LOL).

What are your plans this year? Do you have some suggestions for making a stay-at-home date special? Since the Sweetheart's switching days, I thought I might do something special on V-Day...he might not be expecting that. Suggestions?

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  1. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 13, 2012 at 9:29 PM

    I am a single girl so I am planning on curling up with a book or movie tomorrow. However the lady I work with in the office sent me flowers today which was a really sweet surprise. I don't blame you for not using the artifical sweetners in place of sugar. It's not the same. Also some people can't have the artifical sweetners. I can't have anything but real sugar or I get a horrible headache. :( Have fun with your surprise!!

    1. I get those headaches too, Laura. (Aspartame)

      Whatever we do, it will be fish for dinner...and no sugar. The sweet tooth has to remain hungry.