Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hairballs Happen

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." -- Robert A. Heinlein

Have you ever wondered about the cozy relationship between writers and cats?

Here is how one cat puts it (as translated by Robert A. Sloan):

“Writers are one of the best breeds of humans to get, because writers already have civilized, catlike habits. Most writers don't like being disturbed, either. They have an uncanny, almost feline, focus on their work that's very much like a hunter's patient stalk. They sit still for long periods of time, and have warm, comfortable laps. Quiet, undemanding intimacy is possible with a writer that a cat might not find with the more frantic types of humans."

That explains why cats are so tolerant of writers, but why are we so fascinated and eager for feline companionship? Dan Greenburg’s quote sums it up quite nicely:

“Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.”

And now for a little cat watching:

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Amanda Stevens


  1. OMG! Amanda, thanks for the cat video link on Youtube. Aren't they just the funniest things?


  2. I loved that video! I couldn't resist.

  3. Amanda, it's too true about writers and cats. I've got one complaining at me right now because I'm on the computer and not available for petting.

    Pat, I'm sure cats feel the same way about us humans.


  4. Oh, god, cats are great! Where would we be without them? Mine are as loonie as they come but I love them to death! Have you seen the youtube video of the one who plays the piano? His "mommie" is a piano teacher and one day he sat down and started playing, no kidding... Too cool for words, Amanda.
    Kay David

  5. Oh, too funny! Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I'm allergic to cats, but I love to watch 'em. I sure miss my Siamese, Reitzie, that we had to give to some country cousins when I was diagnosed with asthma.

    And you win the prize for best title--"Hairballs Happen". I laughed just reading that!

    Julie Miller

  6. I thought that title summed up the writing life pretty well, Julie!