Friday, February 2, 2007

Here Come the Texas Rangers

My latest Intrigue, TRACE EVIDENCE IN TARRANT COUNTY, is about to hit the shelves (Tuesday, Feb.13th to be exact). It’s the second book of a Texas Ranger trilogy that I’m doing with authors, Mallory Kane and Rita Herron. Mallory’s book, SIX GUN INVESTIGATION, came out last month. Rita’s book, JUSTICE FOR A RANGER, will be out in March. The trilogy is about three Texas Rangers brothers who are on assignment to clear their father’s name and stop a killer from going after the people they love.

I’m more than a little excited about these books and not just because I’m a transplanted Texas and not just because I love cowboy cop stories. It’s because I’m fascinated with Texas Rangers and actually had the honor of meeting the first female Texas Ranger, Marrie Garcia, when she came to speak at the RWA chapter in San Antonio. Sgt. Garcia had some fantastic stories, and I took plenty of notes. That’s when I decided I had to write about these guys.

So, what about you—what kind of Intrigue hero do you like best?


  1. Overall, I think Intrigue heroes are the best of any H/S series--probably why I love them so much!

    If I had to pick one, though, I'd say the tortured hero. The scarred hero. The man who has seen more than he should from life, but still has that nugget of honor in him to will transform him into a hero--he'll protect the heroine and see justice done, no matter what it costs him.

    Whether he's a cop (or Texas Ranger!) who's lived through a tragedy, a scientist who is steeped in guilt over his wife's suicide, or a former military man who has been jaded by all he's seen and done--I love those men who are heroes in spite of themselves.

    Skills, brains, brawn and a nice rear view are definite bonuses, too!

    Julie Miller

  2. Julie, I agree--I love those tortured heroes too. And the nice rear views. LOL!

    Delores Fossen

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