Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Romantic Suspense Movies

Did anyone catch Nora's movie, Angels Fall, last week on Lifetime? I'm a huge Nora Roberts' fan so I definitely tuned in. The verdict? I really enjoyed it. Often in TV movies, the screenplay detours greatly from the book, but other than some minor changes, this one was true to the author's original work. And Nora actually made a cameo. I thought that was cool.

Anyway, the movie got me thinking--Nora is a huge bestselling author. So why before now haven't more of her books been made into movies? For that matter, why isn't that true of other romance authors? I don't know the answer, just throwing it out there to see if someone does.

Oh, and for Nora fans, last night Montana Sky was on--loved it, too--and two more, Carolina Moon and Blue Smoke, will air the next two weeks on Lifetime.

Delores Fossen

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