Friday, February 9, 2007

Little Pellets of Sin

I love chocolate. Wait, make that--I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate, and I'm especially fond of the dark stuff. Godiva truffles don't last long in my house, and that's exactly why I don't buy them very often. An eighteen dollar box=five pounds on my thighs. So, I always look for something cheaper and with less calories. I found it. Chocolate covered Altoids. Yes, those little low calorie strong mints have now been drowned in dark chocolate. I bought a box.

And ate it.

The entire thing.

In less than 10 minutes.

Yes, they're a lot cheaper than Godiva truffles, but those little pellets of sin were not meant to be consumed in one 10-minute sitting.They're addictive, and cheap and addictive are NOT a good combination when it comes to my thighs. I'm betting the hero and heroine on the cover of my latest Intrigue, TRACE EVIDENCE IN TARRANT COUNTY, don't have issues like this in their lives. They're too busy dodging bullets. :)

So, what's your vice when it comes to sinful foods and snacks?

Delores Fossen, off to buy more pellets of sin


  1. Coffee ice cream. But if I don't keep it in the house, I won't indulge. Also, creme brulee--my favorite dessert. Again, if I don't make it, I won't eat it. I try to save that indulgence for when I'm dining in a fancy-schmancy restaurant about once a year.

    But... My affordable indulgence? (probably to my dentist's chagrin)

    Dark chocolate M&M's! Great invention, imo. Eating a few of those one at a time while I'm writing really jazzes up the brain cells. And, Delores, dark chocolate is actually very nutritious--I know, I know, small quantities is the trick. But I think we can rationalize an occasional binge in the name of good health!

    Julie Miller

  2. << I know, I know, small quantities is the trick >>

    Yep. That's the trick. But hey, at least it's good for me. I can't say that about most of my other favorite treats.