Monday, May 21, 2007

New Intrigue Cover

Hey, gang! I just wanted to share the cover for my August 07 Intrigue, UP AGAINST THE WALL. This book is the first of a 2-book mini-series called The Precinct: Vice Squad, a spin-off from my regular Precinct books because these two share a story, as well as familiar faces from my Taylor Clan and Precinct books.

Be sure to check my website in July, too, where I'll be holding a "sleuthing" contest. The winner will have to use his/her detective skills to win a couple of free books.

Actually, the contest is a fun way for me to make the most out of a mistake that was printed in my last Intrigue, BEAST IN THE TOWER. Bwa-ha-ha! (that's my fun evil laugh)

I see that Amanda talked about the Romantic Times conference. I had a great time, too--it's always cool to meet readers and reconnect with writing buddies. Though I must say, my travel down to the Houston conference was more of an adventure than I was hoping for. I did some sightseeing with my friend, author Sherry James, too, while we were there. Let me just say that for a Nebraska girl, I think I know Houston's streets and highways pretty darn well now. We never got lost--we just had the wrong address for something we were looking for. (sigh) I know there's a story there.

Take care.

Julie Miller


  1. I love the cover! The hero looks like the same guy I have on my August Nocturne. Very cute, and looks a little like Mark Valley.


  2. I'm sure it'll be a great cover, Michele!

    Usually, blondes aren't my favorite look on a guy, but the rugged face, the hairstyle, the jacket and gun...something about the whole package works for me!

    Julie Miller