Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Movies and Reads

Okay, I'm making my list (and checking it twice), but I need some help. I LOVE the summer movies and books, but I always try to write a list so I don't miss something good. Here's what I have so far.


Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Shrek 3
Fantastic Four
The Bourne Ultimatum
Ocean's 13
Knocked Up

High Noon, Nora Roberts
Harry Potter
The Husband, Dean Koontz
Lean Mean Thirteen, Janet Evanovich
Up Close and Dangerous, Linda Howard

Obviously, those lists are waaaaaay too short, so please help me add to them. What movies and books are musts for you this summer?

Oh, and while you're thinking, check out the cover for my latest Intrigue. :)

Delores Fossen


  1. I found your list funny--at least as far as I am concerned. I am so far behind on movies and books that there's no point in looking at the new summer offerings. (Well, I probably WILL have to watch the Harry Potter movie. And I have to read the last Harry Potter book.) But in real life, I've been watching the last five years of the Sopranos, so I can get to the last season. And the movie I want to see is The Children of Men, that came out six months ago. Also, I'm looking forward to the Golden Compass movie. What am I reading now? Norman and I just started listening to The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon.

  2. BTW, in case you are wondering, you can have your own name (instead of Intrigue Author) appear in comments if you also have your own blog on blogspot.

  3. Rebecca--I'm not always up to date on the latest movies either. :) Over the holidays, I'm so busy that I rarely get to see all those wonderful movies they release. I end up watching them in March and April. But I do love those big blockbuster movies.

  4. Hi Delores,
    I haven't thought about summer movies -- well, except for PIRATES. Can't miss my Captain Jack Sparrow!

    I'm looking forward to the Bourne Ultimatum, now that I see it on your list.

  5. Mallory, I LOVE the Bourne movies. Can't wait to drool over Matt D. again. :)