Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why We Love Intrigues

Ever ask yourself why people are so drawn to intrigue stories? Leading box office films last weekend were intrigue-related including: DISTURBIA, THE INVISIBLE, NEXT and FRACTURED.

I think one reason we love our intrigues is because we like to figure out the puzzle along with the characters. Think about how powerful THE SIXTH SENSE was when you finally got to the end and said, “Ah-ha, it all makes sense now!”

Suspense also takes us on a wild ride. Although you know in a romance everything will turn out fine, the tension builds throughout the book and there’s always that question in your mind: will the hero and heroine make it out alive and in love?

Why do you enjoy reading Intrigues? Share your thoughts and I’ll enter your name in a contest to win a copy of my February release, THE ENGLISH DETECTIVE AND THE ROOKIE AGENT.


Pat White


  1. I love reading Intrigues, because I know I'm getting the romance that I expect in a romance novel, but I'm also getting some suspense/action. Things I crave.

    Don't enter me in the drawing. I already read all three Blackwell books and LOOOOVED them. :)

  2. I love reading Intrigues. Now I'm really excited because one of my favorite authors, Pat White will have one. I love her characters, who have such a broad appeal and make you smile. She makes her stories come alive.

  3. When I discovered Intrigues, it was like an epiphany. There it was--everything I loved in a book. A great mystery, a passionate romance, and a fast, gripping read. I loved the tough, worthy heroes and the feisty, fierce heroines, partners and equals working together to find the way out of danger--and into love.

    And now I get to write Intrigues, too. Best of both worlds!

  4. I like Intrigues since they combine two of my favorite genres:
    mystery and romance. Can't go wrong there.
    Morgan Mandel

  5. Ah, the puzzle. The author drops a few pieces at a time, then moves them around. The reader tries to put them together.

    I think the best stories are the ones where you didn't guess whodunit (or whatever the story question is), but when the answer is revealed at the end, you realize it was right there all along. :)

  6. I love romances that give you more than just a love story. A mystery is always a delight, it's like you're matching wits with the author, who will win? Will you figure out the mystery before the end or will you be surprised. I love being surprised. I'm traveling this summer and have saved your books to take along. I can't wait!

  7. Hi, Pat-

    I think it's fun to try and figure out who the bad guy is, and how the hero and heroine will stop him/her and come togther themselves.

    Like Shelli, I already have copies of your books. So no need to enter me, either.

  8. I love the strong heroines. I just know that women are much stronger than they think and can prevail over any situation!

  9. I love reading intrigues b/c you're reading about 2 different things at the same time. You're reading about the 2 characters( hero and heroine)and about the mystery that they are involved in. I get so involved in the story that I tell myself I'll read about 30 minutes of it, the next thing I know I've finished the book. LOL

  10. Who doesn't like a puzzle, a mystery that can be unwrapped, layer by layer, with the tantalizing solution at the heart?

  11. I enjoy reading Intrigues because they mix both romance and mystery into one.

  12. I love Intrigues because they are more than just a romance and more than just a mystery. The authors are great!