Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cowboy Heroes

What makes cowboys such fascinating heroes? I've given that a lot of thought over the past few months, especially since I've started the Special Ops series where I have former NAVY SEALs who are cowboys to the core. What a mix! I've come to a few conclusions. For one, I love the strong ethics they bring to a situation. I think those ethics affect the way they go at solving a crime. By nature they seem so protective, of their livestock and the people they love. I like the way they're comfortable in their environment and in their skin. I like their love for their land and for their country. I like that devotion and the wy they always strive to do the just thing. And then there is the way they look in those tight jeans, boots and Stetsons. I had to roll up my tongue and stick it back in my mouth when I saw the cowboy Commando cover.
Overheard in my local beaty salon the other day:
Cowboys are to women what blondes are to men. When you see one, you just have to take a second look. (Sometimes I take a third or fourth.) I'd love to hear your ideas on what makes cowboys an intriguing Intriue hero. Or if you don't like them, I'd like to hear that, too.


  1. I love cowboys! They are the epitome of a hero. Strong, loyal, compassionate and most of all sexy looking in their jeans and boots.

  2. Like Estella said, they are the epitome! Rugged, indivualistic, self reliant and (this is very important) needs to know when to follow the rules and when to throw the rule book away! LOL Doesn't have to be handsome; but he does have to have that magnetic draw, that certain something that every reader describes differently. *huge grin*

  3. I have to agree with wstridgerunner -- rugged, individualistic, self reliant and honorable.

  4. I love cowboys....they are very protective of women and animals...can't think of any reason not to adore them.

  5. Can't forget how cowboy's look in those jeans!!!
    I love cowboys!


  6. I love cowboy's because they are polite and know how to treat a lady.